The International School Nido de Aguilas

Why we give to Nido

Purcell - Edenholm Family

There are few families with Nido closer to their hearts than the Purcell-Edenholm family. Their twins have been at Nido since Pre-K, Teresa Edenholm ‘78 is President of the Nido Alumni Association, and is also an alumna of the School.


"We support the Nido Scholars Program so that hardworking and deserving young people can benefit from the same educational experience which I was fortunate to receive at Nido and which my children are receiving now. In addition, these talented young students enrich our community and contribute with their talents to the classroom experience of all students. The Nido Scholars Program is a win-win.”

Teresa Edenholm, Nido Parent and Alum (Class of '78)


Scoles - Concha Family

The Scoles likely never thought they’d remain at Nido for as long as they have. But life has some odd twists and turns, and Jason is not only a Nido father of two, but also a Nido teacher! 


“My wife, Valentina, and I give to Nido because it is home. We believe supporting the school's development efforts helps the school grow, improve, and expand its efforts to deliver on its mission.  In particular, we enjoy supporting the Nido Scholars Program as the students awarded scholarships from this program come from similar backgrounds as our own.  We know the power of a Nido education - and we know that our support of this program will make a lasting, life-changing impact in the lives of these students.”

Jason Scoles, Nido Parent and Teacher


Patrik Edenholm ‘76

Patrick, and his sister, Teresa, are Nido alumni who have always considered Nido a second home. Patrick no longer lives in Chile, but travels back when he can to attend alumni reunions and reconnect with old friends. In fact, his class communicates frequently and also arrange get-togethers on a regular basis. 


"My years at Nido have stayed with me for a lifetime. The 1970s were tumultuous times in Chile and the Nido community was our safe haven. The bonds formed at the school were strong; and today - almost 50 years later - I am in almost daily contact with a large group of classmates. The teachers, staff, classmates and their families gave us a sense of community. We learned to respect divergent opinions, think critically, and most importantly we figured out how to learn. I am very grateful for the role Nido played in setting me up for the path I travelled and continue to explore."

Patrick, Nido Alum