The International School Nido de Aguilas


Meet the Nido Scholars


Meet Martín

Martín arrived to Nido with a desire to make the most of this new opportunity. He will now be attending Princeton University and will be missed. 

When asked what the scholarship meant to him, Martín responded …

“To me, Nido meant a place of opportunity and growth — a frightening leap of faith at first, a precious experience at last. It was a place where it felt like I was traveling to another country every day, meeting people with different beliefs, passions, and stories. Nido was also a place to discover and nurture new passions like dance and literature while constantly improving old talents like science and math. Nido was and always will be a reminder to acquire new ways to look at my identity and the world.”


Meet Matías 

“Nido gave me the necessary tools to face a world full of challenges. Both the professors and counselors at Nido have helped me a lot on my way to university: the high-level classes (with laboratories, discussions, and group activities) have helped me to have a voice with knowledge, and share ideas and learn from others. The lessons in English have helped me improve my pronunciation and writing considerably, which will be helpful to me in the United States.”

Matías will be attending Duke University and promises to come back to see us soon.


Meet Tomás

In August 2022 the third Nido Scholar, Tomás Perez from Maipu, boarded a plane to his new academic home in this next chapter in his life - Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. 

Thanks to his efforts at Nido, Tomás was able to secure a scholarship from Wesleyan to cover his tuition and living costs. While at Nido, Tomas had a full scholarship thanks to generous donations to the Nido Scholars program. Learn more about his story here.



Meet Bruno

“Analytical, thoughtful, composed and talented … This is how I will remember Bruno. He is a promising young physicist who finished his time at Nido as a leader in the science classroom. Bruno is a gem.”
Kurt Supplee, IB Coordinator - HL Physics Teacher  

When Bruno first arrived at Nido he was immediately struck by the school’s diversity. The amount of students from distinct countries and cultures was something he hadn’t experienced.
“The ability to interact with so many different people helped me to learn about other cultures and be more tolerant. I feel this is something very important for Chile.” 

- Bruno Loyola, Nido Scholar and Class of 2021

Upon graduation, Bruno’s mother reflected that one of the changes she noted in her son after arriving at Nido is how much more self-assured he now is. She commented that Bruno is working towards realizing his dreams, and Nido has provided the tools necessary to do this.

Bruno is off to Lafayette College in Pennsylvania to study mechanical engineering on a full scholarship. While he will be a long way from home, Nido Philosophy Professor, Sergio Quintanilla, remembers well what Bruno told his class before departing: 

“Bruno told us in our last Philosophy class that he planned to return to Chile when he finishes his engineering studies in the United States to contribute to the development of our country. I hope that's how it is.”


Meet Gianfranco

Every graduating senior is typically asked the same question - “What was your favorite memory at Nido?” The answers are varied, but Gianfranco’s favorite memory of his time at Nido embodies the school’s spirit and what makes Nido special - the community.  

Gianfranco is a highly intelligent young man who will now be studying mathematics at the University of Chicago on a full scholarship. Yet, it was Gianfranco’s time spent forging friendships and taking part in new activities such as musical theatre that really made an impact on his time at Nido. His mother noted that with this came a new sense of optimism. 
“The scholarship was like a magic key. Once Gianfranco was admitted to Nido his mood improved dramatically and he understood that his dreams really could be fulfilled.”
In class, Sharon Cooper, IB Environmental Systems/IB Physics Teacher noted that, “besides being one of the most capable in the group, due to his talent with math and analytical thinking, Gianfranco was also one of those people who was patient and generous with his peers. He is a deep thinker; even-tempered, intelligent and kind. I so enjoyed talking with him about physics and life and I look forward to seeing what he decides to do with his strengths and interests during and after the University of Chicago.”

We wish Gianfranco all the best in this new chapter in his life!