The International School Nido de Aguilas

Nido Family First Fund

What is the Nido Family First Fund?

The Nido Family First Fund was launched to support Nido families and external providers who are suffering financial difficulties due to COVID-19. The Fund provides financial aid to enable current Nido families to continue at the School, despite financial shocks. It also supports external Nido providers like transportation companies, ASA instructors, and external team coaches, who are otherwise not receiving a salary as their activities have been suspended.

What does COVID-19 emergency financial aid mean to our families? 

"After many years at the same company, the COVID pandemic led to a restructuring that meant my husband's job was terminated. It wasn't easy to ask for help, and we are so grateful for this aid, as the last thing we would ever want to do is take our children out of the School that we love. For me, Nido is unique in Chile because of the focus on the socioemotional well being of our children, the cultural diversity and the values of adaptability and flexibility. Nido teaches skills that are vital to our children in this global world. This fund is an example of the fact that Nido genuinely looks after and listens to its community. When our situation is improved, we hope to be able to give back to support other families in difficulty." COVID aid recipient family.



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We greatly appreciate your support. Please contact if you have any questions.