The International School Nido de Aguilas

Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn’t Nido’s tuition and fees cover all of the costs?

As Nido has grown, and Chile has developed as a country, Nido’s costs are rising at a rate that is not sustainable through only tuition and fees. As a result, the full cost of providing a Nido education, with all of the extras that Nido offers, is higher than the tuition paid by each student. Tuition gaps such as this one are often common in international schools throughout the world and at independent schools in the United States.

Diversifying income sources allows Nido to plan more effectively for the future and to continue to provide cutting-edge innovative education programs. Through the Nido Fund, the Nido community has the opportunity to support Nido on an annual basis and to really make an impact for current and future Nido students.

I already pay tuition. Why should I make a gift to the Nido Fund?

Annual gifts to the Nido Fund allow the School to plan for the future, while investing in innovative educational enhancements today. Your donation to the Nido Fund will support the great projects and the extras at Nido that will enhance your child’s education, immediately.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Donors making a gift to the Nido Fund in Chilean pesos will receive a “certificado de donación” for their gifts, and gifts to the Nido Fund are tax deductible, as permitted by Chilean law, while tuition is not. Please consult your tax advisor.

It is also possible to give tax efficiently in US dollars through the Friends of Nido 501(c)3 in the US. You can find out more details here or contact the development office on for more information.

How does the Nido Fund work?

Each year, the Nido Fund will raise gifts during the school year to support the enhancement of priority projects not covered by tuition income. During the year, the Nido community will be asked to make a gift at any level to the Nido Fund.

Gifts will immediately impact the school each year, and donors will be recognized in the school's Annual Report, unless donors choose to be anonymous. In addition, Leadership Circle donors will be invited to a donor recognition event toward the end of the year.

How does this fundraising affect the Nido Parent Association (NPA) and community-service fundraising?

The Office of Advancement collaborates closely with the NPA and with students leading community service initiatives. Specifically, the NPA accepts in-kind and specific donations for important community-building events such as the Halloween festival and International Day. Nido encourages community service initiatives led by students. Student projects that involve fundraising from sponsors must be approved through the appropriate channels.

I’m in Chile temporarily. Why should I make a gift?

Even if you are leaving the school at the end of the year, all gifts made to the Nido Fund will impact students during the current school year. Additionally, you can make a donation in honor of your student or your student’s favorite teacher, giving you the opportunity to preserve your own special memories and impact future generations of Nido students.

How much should I give?

We ask that Nido community members make a donation that is meaningful for them. Every gift to the Nido Fund – large or small – makes a real difference in the educational experience of every student at the School. Gifts can also be designated for one of the priority projects each year.

How can I donate?

Donations can be made by Chilean debit/credit card, international credit card, bank transfer (in Chilean pesos or U.S. dollars), cash or check or, for current Nido families only, added to the tuition bill. In addition to one-off contributions, it is possible to donate in various installments or on an on-going monthly basis. Contact the Advancement office at for more information.






We greatly appreciate your support. Please contact if you have any questions.