The International School Nido de Aguilas

The Nido Financial Aid program aims to make a Nido education accessible for families that share Nido's values and appreciate its pedagogical approach but are unable to cover the entire cost of the tuition. The program is need-based, and, if awarded financial aid, the family is given an offer for a discount on tuition and/or for the incorporation fee. Families that are new to Nido must go through the financial aid application simultaneously with the admissions application process.

What does financial aid mean to our families? 

"The financial aid program allowed my daughter to return to her school [Nido] after having had to leave and go to a traditional Chilean school. A nido education gives students the ability to problem, to express different ideas, to identify prejudice, etc. It makes them independent and teaches them respect for those who are different. These values are not easy to find in other schools. Putting students from different economic groups together enables them to value what they have and to understand that not everyone has the same access to certain resources. We are infinitely grateful for this support. Our spirit and loyalty is with Nido and its wonderful community." Financial Aid recipient family.

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We greatly appreciate your support. Please contact if you have any questions.