The International School Nido de Aguilas

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Professional Development Academy

At The International School Nido de Aguilas, we invest in our teachers by offering a variety of options for professional growth and development.

Learning is at the heart of the Nido experience for teachers as well as students. We believe that when teachers engage as trusting learners in meaningful development, our whole school community benefits from this positive culture and focused direction. To support learning, Nido provides guidance and support to faculty by fostering an environment of collaborative professional practice. Nido fosters dialogue around research supporting practices in curriculum alignment, assessment, and instruction. Nido is committed to student-centered approaches to learning and assessment consistent with our values of engagement, ingenuity, adaptability, generosity, and happiness.



Key Components


External Education Experts

Learning Together in Nido Classrooms

Collaboration and Design




Internal Partnerships


  • Student-Centered Coaching Cycles
  • Nido Learns Together (NTLs) PLCs
  • Learning Labs, Learning Walks, & Peer Observations
  • Teacher Created Workshops
  • Co-Constructing Curriculum using UBD


Coaching at Nido


Nido has a robust Learning Coach program to provide support to teachers across the school. Our Learning Coaches balance the roles of coaching and curriculum facilitation in a student-centered coaching model. They create learning experiences for faculty and course-alike teams to design curriculum and student-centered coaching cycles and partner with teachers in the classroom while focusing on student learning and evidence-based practices.

“The best professional learning is in the moment. Coaching cycles are as close to the moment as you can get.” - Nido Teacher End of Cycle Reflection


External Partnerships


  • Adaptive Schools
  • Paul Anderson, Next Generation Science
  • Tom Shimmer, Assessment 
  • Kath Murdoch, Inquiry-Based Learning
  • LincSpring, 21st Century Learning Professional Learning Playlists
  • Kathy Swan, C3 & Inquiry-Design Model
  • Understanding by Design, Jay McTighe
  • Steve Linewin, Mathematics
  • National Core Arts Standards (Jeremy Holien)
  • American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Standards Course in “Curriculum Instruction: Purposeful Planning to Increase Student Learning”
  • Project Adventure
  • Conferences (SHAPE Convention, AASSA, R&W Workshop in International Schools)
  • Readers & Writers Workshop, Kathy Collins & Eric Lepis
  • Design Thinking With Savinay Chandrasekhar
  • Reality Pedagogy With Dr. Chris Emdin
  • Project-Based Learning and Educational Equity with Laura McBain (High Tech High)
  • Deep Dive into Project-Based Learning