The International School Nido de Aguilas

Professional Development Academy

At The International School Nido de Aguilas, we invest in our teachers by offering a variety of options for professional growth and development.Through consistent and intentional professional development opportunities, we strive to create shared understanding around how best to support our students. We believe that when teachers engage as trusting learners in meaningful development, our whole school community benefits from this positive culture and focused direction.

Key Components

  • Guest Educational Experts
  • Teacher-Created Workshops
  • Individual and Group Online Learning Opportunities
  • Teacher Inquiry Groups
  • Conferences
  • Student Centered Coaching

Example Programs

Here is a sample of lectures and workshops hosted by Nido Learns Together, our programming series:

  • Design Thinking With Savinay Chandrasekhar
  • Reality Pedagogy With Dr. Chris Emdin
  • Project-Based Learning and Educational Equity with Laura McBain (High Tech High)
  • Deep Dive into Project-Based Learning
  • Student Centered Coaching (Diane Sweeney)
  • Writer’s Workshop (Erik Lepis; Carla Espana)
  • Reader’s Workshop (Kathy Collins)
  • Math Instruction Workshop (Steve Leinwand)
  • Documentary & Discussion:
    • If You Build It
    • Most Likely to Succeed
    • On the Way to School