The International School Nido de Aguilas


Faculty & Staff

Nido's faculty and staff are the heart and soul of our School. They are recruited from among the very best in the world. Nido has a total of 375 faculty and staff. Of our approximately 240 instructional staff, over 50% have advanced degrees. Our faculty and staff are engaged, dedicated professionals who love education, teaching, and learning. They bring to their classrooms a wealth of knowledge, experience, and caring, making the Nido educational experience simultaneously challenging, nurturing, exciting, and rewarding for each student.

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Mor Abramovitz

Nido Advancement

Luz Agosin

Sebastian Aguayo

Gonzalo Aguilera

Nathalie Aguilera

Benjamín Aguirre

Juan Sebastián Aguirre

Josh Almoite

Nido Alumni Association

Adrian Alvarez

María Loreto Alvarez

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