The International School Nido de Aguilas

Faculty & Staff

Nido's faculty and staff are the heart and soul of our School. They are recruited from among the very best in the world. Nido has a total of 375 faculty and staff. Of our approximately 240 instructional staff, over 50% have advanced degrees. Our faculty and staff are engaged, dedicated professionals who love education, teaching, and learning. They bring to their classrooms a wealth of knowledge, experience, and caring, making the Nido educational experience simultaneously challenging, nurturing, exciting, and rewarding for each student.

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Antonia Corona

Teacher Assistant

Constanza Abarzua

K2F Assistant Teacher
Elementary School

Colleen Ackford

Literacy Coach
Elementary School

Nido Advancement

Luz Agosin

ES Spanish Teacher
Elementary School

Sebastian Aguayo

Music Teacher
High School

Gonzalo Aguilera

PE Teacher
Elementary School

Nathalie Aguilera

PK C Assistant Teacher
Early Years School

Benjamín Aguirre

Teacher Assistant

Juan Sebastián Tomás Aguirre

Teacher Assistant

Nido Alumni Association

Valentina Alvarez

ES Assistant Teacher
Elementary School
1 2 3 34 > showing 1 - 12 of 405 constituents