The International School Nido de Aguilas

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Physical Location

Av. El Rodeo 14200

Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile

Mailing Address

Casilla 162 Correo La Dehesa

Lo Barnechea Santiago, Chile

Fax: +56 2 2339-8108

Receptionist: +56 2 2339-8100

Guard House (24-hour emergency, Spanish speaker only):
+56 2 2339-8139

Email Contacts

Headmaster's Office

Admissions Office

Communications Office



There are a number of direct lines into various offices at Nido de Aguilas. Below is a listing of some of those direct numbers and emails of the secretaries/assistants of those departments.


+56 2 2339-8100

Chilean National Plan Director:

+56 2 2339-8121


+56 2 2339-8164

Professional Development Academy:

+56 2 2339-8185

Early Years School:

+56 2 2339-8155


+56 2 2339-8120

Elementary School:

+56 2 2339-8178

Business Office:

+56 2 2339-8128

Middle School:

+56 2 2339-8133


+56 2 2339-8248

Middle School Counselor:

+56 2 2339-8171

Human Resources:

+56 2 2339 -8127

High School:

+56 2 2339-8143


+56 2 2339-8140

High School (Attendance):

+56 2 2339-8145


+56 2 2339-8102

High School Counselor:

+56 2 2339-8122/108 . .
COMMUNICATION: whoM to contact at Nido

The best way for parents to be sure they are well informed on any topic of interest is simply to ask one of us at school. No matter what the topic is, whether it involves only your child or is a more general question about the school, its policies, or programs, you can start by asking your child’s teacher, who can refer you to the principal, headmaster, or any other staff member who may be able to provide information on a specific topic or concern. We also ask you to please read the weekly emails sent to parents by Nido and each principal and other letters, flyers, or e-mails sent to parents by the NPA, teachers, or the school administration. For more details parents may refer to Section 3.1 in the School Community Life Handbook.

Topic Contact Person
Your child's classroom activities Teacher
Homework assignments Teacher
Student Conduct and Discipline Teacher and/or Principal
Routine health & illness issues Teacher
Serious health & illness issues Teacher and Nurse
Adjustment, family, or personal matters Counselor or Principal
University admissions High School Counselor
IB Diploma/PAA Exam/Chilean Program IB / Chilean Director
Athletics & After School Activities Athletic / Activities Director / Principals
Curriculum/Instruction/General Division Operations Division Principals
Business Office/Payments of fees/Security/Facilities Business Manager
Bus transportation Transportation Office
School-wide operations/Facilities/School Policies/General questions about school programs Headmaster
Questions regarding the General Assembly President of the Asamblea


Nido Parent Association (NPA) activities NPA President