The International School Nido de Aguilas



David Perry



Gonzalo Blanc

Business Manager


Paz Nalegach

Assistant Head for National Plan Affairs



Brenda Paz Soldan

Director of Enrollment and Communications


Peter Frerichs

Director of Advancement and Alumni


Eric Pivet

Chief Financial Officer


Norma Jara

Human Resources Director


Patricia Podorsek

Patricia Podorsek

Director of Teaching and Learning


Derrick Quinet

Derrick Quinet

Director of Student Activities and Athletics


Juan E. Vidal

Theater Director


Kate McKenna

High School Principal



Paul Petit

High School Assistant Principal


Sheena MacLeod

Sheena MacLeod

Middle School Principal


Dave Cote

Middle School Assistant Principal


Layne Hudes

Elementary School Principal


Jon Penhollow

Elementary School Assistant Principal


Robert Edgar

Elementary School Assistant Principal



Kathryn Thornton

Early Years School Director


Will Randall

Director of Student Support Services