Sustainability at Nido

Since its founding in 1934, Nido has believed in using nature as a second classroom and teaching students the importance of conservation. Now more than ever, Nido seeks to promote sustainability in its curriculum, on campus, and in the greater community.

In 2018, Nido created a Schoolwide Sustainability Plan and formed a Sustainability Committee to lead this work and partner with the Nido community. The Sustainability Committee has created a sustainable vision as well as a strategic framework with priority action steps outlined below. 

We invite you to get involved and learn more about the Sustainability Committee and their important work.


Our Vision

At Nido de Aguilas, we strive to be earth-friendly. We connect sustainability to our learning. We explore our impact on the environment. We act with purpose for a better tomorrow.

Sustainability News


Almost two months after launching our Recycling and Composting Program, we want to remind you that proper sorting is critical to its success.


Monday, April 22, is Earth Day, and Nido will celebrate it in style. We will commemorate this day with engaging activities to promote environmental awareness and sustainability. We invite all students, faculty, and staff to wear green and participate in the festivities.