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At Nido, the summer is an opportunity to explore new horizons and further develop important skills for an ever-changing world.  In today’s market, scientific and design technology skills are crucial to being employable in careers of the future. Nido has over 85 years of experience in preparing students for life ahead and is opening up our cutting-edge science labs and Maker Labs for summer programs for Nido and non-Nido students in Grades 8-12. Come learn with us this summer and discover the Nido Way through the Nido Summer STEM Experience (NSSE).

*This program will be run in English with Spanish-language support*

January 13-17, 2020

Monday - Friday

9am - 1pm

Grades 8 -12

CLP $190,000




Please note there is a minimum number of students required to run each course. The program fee is non-refundable unless the course does not run.

Tracks Offered

Track 1: Science Technology

Performing high tech scientific experiments is easier and more inexpensive than ever.  This workshop will introduce students to experiments that can be performed with free cell phone applications as well as low-cost microcontrollers.  Important skills will also be taught and practiced such as circuits, instrument building, and coding. Students will drive their own learning through a project-based approach. Come experiment with us!

The head facilitator for this workshop will be Howard Lovejoy.  Howard has over 20 years experience as a Nido high school science teacher and is a self-professed tinkerer.  Howard specializes in creating new laboratory experiences for students and building his own equipment.

Track 2: 3-D Design and Fabrication

To bring new devices to market, companies first must go through prototyping process with digital design and 3-D fabrication.  This workshop will introduce students to the design and fabrication process by giving them the opportunity to solve a real-life problem by creating a new object.  Important skills taught will be design-thinking and fluency with CAD Rhinocerous and 3-D printer and 2-D laser cutter softwares. Students will gain real hands-on experience with cutting-edge tools and software. Come bring your ideas to life!

The head facilitator for this workshop will be Nils Reichhard. Nils has over 10 years experience with industrial design and fabrication and has been at Nido for 2 years.  Nils enjoys bringing novel ideas into the 3-D world and has an extensive collection of inventions.

Track 3: Coding and Robotics

90% of the jobs of the future will involve coding in one form or another.  Merging the computer science field with robotics is a huge area of growth around the world as more companies choose the precision of machines to fabricate products.  This workshop will introduce students to the use of block and text code as a means of controlling robots. Students will work together in a team atmosphere and be challenged to achieve goals with their robots. Let’s build a bot together!

The head facilitator for this workshop will be Ed Harkins.  Ed has over 25 years of experience teaching educational technology at Nido and is passionate about learning new things.