The International School Nido de Aguilas

Nido Summer Institute

January 7-18, 2019

Monday - Friday

9am - 1pm

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Nido will offer the following enrichment and academic classes for the two-week session during the summer from 9am - 1pm.

Please note that there is a minimum number of students needed to run each course. We will inform interested families by December 1 whether or not each particular class will run this summer.

Questions? Please contact

Courses Offered

English as a Second Language

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  • Open to any student Grades 8-12
  • Teacher: Rodrigo Cea
  • Min 4/Max 10 students
  • Cost: $400.000

An intermediate level course for students interested in enhancing their English language abilities. The class will help students develop their speaking, writing, reading and listening skills.

CSI: Forensic Science

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  • Open to any student grade 8-12
  • Teacher: Howard Lovejoy
  • Min 4/Max 10 students
  • Cost: $400.000


In this two week workshop students will be introduced to how to investigate crime scene evidence using chemistry, physics, biology, and technological tools. With each method we will begin with general theory of the science involved and then apply it to mock crime scenes. The workshop will culminate with the investigation of one complex mock crime scene.

HASSE at Nido: Mission to Mars

  • Open to any students grade 8-12
  • Min 4/Max 10 students
  • Cost: $450.000
Nido is partnering with the HASSE (a NASA sponsored organization) to let students experience what it is like to plan a mission to Mars. The participants in this workshop will plan a complete mission, from initial stages, to lift-off, to the robotics needed to survive on the red planet. We will even interface with actual astronauts, engineers and personnel at NASA. The final project will be to present an aspect of the mission that was designed and carried out be each student.

Math Accelerator (8th Grade Only)

  • Open to Nido Math 8A or IM 9 Advanced Students Only
  • Min 4/Max 10 students
  • Cost: $400.000

The Math Accelerator class is offered as an additional resource for students currently in Math 8A or IM 9 Advanced. The purpose of the class is to help students deepen their understanding of the algebraic and geometric concepts that are essential for success in the IB curriculum. Over the two week duration of the course, students will engage in intensive problem solving both individually and in small groups, develop strategies for self-assessment when solving problems, and explore opportunities to extend their understanding of concepts through an independent investigation.

Neural Engineering Workshop (Backyard Brains)

  • Open to any student grades 8-12
  • Led by Backyard Brains
  • Min 10/Max 12 students
  • Cost: $450.000
  • During this workshop students will learn how to build their own scientific tools to extract electrical activity from living organisms to study their behaviour. They will also learn to use the nervous system’s electrical activity to make Brain-computer interfaces, that can be used for artistic, scientific or educational purposes.

Percussion and Music Composition

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  • Open to any student grades 8-12
  • Led by Nacho Mena
  • Cost: $400.000
  • In week one, the students will be exposed to various percussion instruments and drums, theory, techniques, dynamics, reading, backgrounds, and key implementation arrangements in the various styles of popular music. (Rock, Jazz, Pop, Folk, Blues, Afro, Brazilian, Latin, Afro-Peruvian). The second week the students will produce their own composition with audio software.

Modern Dance Workshop: Topology of the Now (One week only - January 14th - 18th)

  • Open to any student grades 8-12
  • Led by Josefina Camus
  • Cost: $200.000
    In this workshop, we are going to explore the body as a space that contains different energies, emotions, states and geometries in communication with the architecture that surrounds us; the people, the visual and sound stimulus that affect us. First, we are going to direct our attention towards our own body, developing the self-perception, to then connect with the external environment; the others bodies, the architecture and landscape. This workshop aims to develop the improvisation skills, using the verbal and non-verbal awareness, amplifying the perception and senses to allow our creative self to emerge here and now. In a collective way, we are going to create instant installation/performance that will include movement, voice, text, music, props and light.

Josefina is a Chilean artist who has developed her practise between Santiago, Paris and London. With a background in literature and dance her work transits between performance, choreography and installation. She is enrolled on a PhD practice-based programme in Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London, researching the creation of energetic environments and their interaction with the corporeality, conceived as a container of polymorphic energies. Her latest live performances include Panacea (London- Goldsmiths, Paris- La Centrale, 2018) Ellipsis Land with Pepa Ubera (London: Sadler’s Wells, TATE Modern,
2017); Démensions (Paris, Le 6B, 2014) and Silenthingks (Paris, Micandases, 2014). She is currently collaborating with Rodrigo Chaverini on Behind the Future (NAVE, Santiago 2017-2019).

Higher Ground Learning & SAT Prep Classes

In addition to the course offerings above, Nido Summer Institute is also partnering with Higher Ground Learning, an American company that specializes in international test prep, to host an SAT prep class taught by expert instructors. Read more and register at their website.

Session available is from January 7 - January 24 from 9am to 12pm.

Only Monday through Thursday.

COST: CLP $590.000

Disclaimer: This course is organized and supervised by Higher Ground. Hosting this course on the Nido de Aguilas campus does not imply Nido's endorsement of, or association with, this provider or program. Anyone who takes advantage of this information is urged to verify the claims of the opportunities and offers presented.