The International School Nido de Aguilas

Nido Summer Experience


Session Dates

January 7 - 25*

This includes three workshops at Nido (January 7, 8 and 9).

Price: CLP 250.000

The Nido Summer Experience (NSE) Program is designed to prepare Nido High School students for the professional world by giving them important professional skills and real-world experience in a business setting.

The NSE consists of 3 phases:

Phase I: The students will sign-up/interview for their internships and meet with our internship partners.

Phase 2: The students will participate in a series of three workshops that will teach them the skills that will enable them to hit the ground running in their internship assignments.

Phase 3: Begin their 2-week internship experience with our corporate partners. Start date: 10/1/19 - End date: 25/1/19

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Workshop #1: Design Thinking and Problem-solving in the Corporate Environment


Denisse Lizzama, Universidad de Desarrollo

Peter Lewis, La Bicicleta Verde

Date: 7/1/19 9am - 4pm (lunch provided)

Students will take a trip to the headquarters of La Bicicleta Verde and have a meeting with the owner Peter Lewis. Peter will focus in on a problem that the business needs to solve and the students will have an opportunity to take a bicycle tour to learn more about the business.

Workshop #2: Interview Skills and Communications and Marketing


Diana Schachner, Lemontech (Nido Alumna)

Rosa Andrade, Meta Marketing (Nido Alumna)

Date: 8/1/19 9 am - 4 pm (lunch provided)

Students will participate in a workshop that will help them sharpen their interview skills and get oriented to a business environment that demands communications and marketing.

Workshop #3: Introduction to Storytelling


Daniel Castro: Guionista de Historia de un Oso. Mejor cortometraje premio Oscar, 88a Edición.

Marcelo Espinoza: Especialista en medios digitales, narrativas multiplataformas para desarrollo de marca.

Marcela Cea: Realizadora audiovisual, candidata a Magister en Guión cinematográfico

UFT, experta en escritura de guiones, creación de contenidos, y relatora de cursos de

Date: 9/1/19 9 am - 4 pm

Storytelling is telling meaningful, emotional stories of brands and/or personalities who want to stand out with a content filled narrative. Through feelings and emotions that awaken the empathy of the consumer, client, or society, good storytelling uses truthful and diversified information through text, photographs and videos.