The International School Nido de Aguilas

Session 1

January 7 - 18

9am - 1pm

Session 2

January 21 - February 1

9am - 1pm

Summer Camp: $205.000

Soccer Camp: $215.000 (includes uniform)



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Online registration has now closed. In-person registration will begin on January 21 at the Summer Camp Office.

Courses (Grades 1 - 8)


Fit Kids is for children from 5 to 13 years old and is a training based on the Crossfit Kids® program. Through games, children develop physical, emotional and social skills. They improve their physical and cognitive condition and raise awareness of the healthy lifestyle concept with techniques of functional movements made with their own weight.


Decoupage is also called the art of napkins, where it is giving life to products by mixing napkins and sticking them. It is a very creative art, easy to do, without any risk since you only use a brush, paint decorative napkins, and use a special harmless glue.


Nature every day offers wonderful gifts, flowers, fruits and plants with exquisite aromas and various properties that can contribute to our well-being. In this Workshop we wanted to combine the love and the taste that the children feel when being in contact with Nature with the interest that awakens in them to make with their own hands some cosmetic elements of daily use, with plants that, they will discover can find, even inside from school.


“Textile Design” offers a dynamic and creative process in which students will be able to learn different skills and develop knowledge about sewing and textile design. This process embraces an individual and collective thinking process where students plan, create and construct their own textile works, and in the process interact with others. Students will learn how to design patterns, dye cloth, stamp, sow, and transform their work into something unique and wearable.


In our Makerspace course, students will collaborative work in a space inside a school facility for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools. Makerspace is more of the maker mindset of creating something out of nothing and exploring your own interests that’s at the core of a Makerspace. In this Makerspace Summer Camp course we will prepare the students with skills to build electronics, coding and building from nothing. This will be an introduction to the fields of science, technology, engineering and coding. We will provide hands-on learning, help with critical thinking skills and even boost self-confidence. Our students will be designing and drawing their circuits for their vehicle, which will be showcased at the end of the summer camp session!

(Course with limited space).


Students will take advantage of our campus to learn about outdoor skills and enjoy learning in nature. This program will include trekking within the protected territory that belongs to Nido, where students will exercise, enjoy the outdoors and learn about survival skills that are useful when in nature/in the wild.


Fencing develop skills such as strength, speed, balance and very sharp mind, a good strategy is perhaps the most important part of the sport, but fair play and sportsmanship is also required. The methodology is part of the European system of education, where the student will receive individual lessons and group lessons, properly programmed into sports planning and schedule of each fencer. (Course with limited space).


If you have had some experience in coding with a block based programming environment like Scratch, Digital Art is a logical step forward. Students will be introduced to a coding editor that was created to make programming more accessible to art and design students. The course will introduce the key ideas necessary to create digital art: pixels, colors and geometric shapes. Students will learn how to make patterns that take advantage of the computer’s processing power. Previous coding experience would be helpful, but is not required. The course is for Fourth Grade or higher.


Although younger people are described as digital natives, this often applies only to how comfortable they are with consuming digital content. This course will help students become more fluent in how digital content is created. In fact, by the end of the two weeks, students will actually create some simple software programs. This Scratch programming course introduces students to the building blocks behind object-oriented programming by creating interactive stories and simple games. Students will gain practice in basic programming concepts like loops, threads, if statements, students will become more familiar with troubleshooting problems, and students will gain practice in adapting and remixing code for their project needs. (Course with limited space).


The benefits of playing a musical instrument regularly are that it improves language skills, memory, behavior or spatial intelligence, improves mood in children and their relationships with others, helps students overcome fear and take risks, provides security and self-confidence.


Through training, improve the technical fundamentals of the game: forehand, backhand, volley, rivet and service. Working movements within the tennis court: lateral, diagonal, back and forth.

Apply technical fundamentals - tactical, to play at a competitive level. Making the training constitutes a space of entertainment for students.


In this course, you will see three different martial arts: Judo, Taekwondo and Hapkido. This is designed this way so that children achieve a diversity of knowledge and skills to motivate them to practice one of these martial arts (or to find another one that they may like) in the future.
The goal is to open the minds of students to the world of martial arts and to complement the techniques of different disciplines so as to have a greater variety of tools for self-defense. Apart from focusing on the different techniques, we will make sure to instill the values necessary for a safe practice of martial arts such as respect, caring, self-control and discipline.


"Ultimate is a non-contact, self-refereed team sport played with a flying disc (or Frisbee™).
Ultimate relies upon a Spirit of the Game that places the responsibility for fair play on every player. There are no referees; the players are solely responsible for following and enforcing the rules, even at World Championship.
In this course you will learn the basics about Ultimate, throws, rules, a lot of games with "frisbee" and the game essence: Spirit of the game."


On our Mountain Bike course, we develop motor and social skills through learning and enjoying on a bicycle.
Children are strengthened and improve their skills on the bicycle, generating in the children, safety and confidence for a correct handling of the mountain bike, especially in technical circuits. They improve coordination, flexibility, strength and balance with playful activities.
Important: To register you must bring your mountain bike, helmet and gloves. This will be kept in our storage at Nido for the two week period of the course.

(Course with Limited Space)


Hockey is a sport in which two teams compete to put a ball in the opponent's arc with the help of a stick. Hockey is a sport that works both the upper and lower train therefore promotes coordination of the child and psychomotor skills. The ball should never touch the foot or hand as in other sports, but is played through the stick so that coordination and concentration is greater.
At hockey, the objectives are to share a game with their peers in a playful and entertaining manner, develop values such as respect and habits such as following instructions, respecting turns, sharing with their peers, taking care of the material and the environment, among others.


A true dance party! Full of energy, excitement, joy and games. You can actively participate in the whole class with choreography created especially for you with the music that you like so much. Learn the steps little by little for a fun workout. In classes we will work on memory, teamwork, coordination, and cultural awareness.


This is a recreational activity where children will enjoy designing, exploring, and using different techniques for making garments and accessories for their own. They will also create fashion accessories such as bags, necklaces, bracelets and pins. This activity can provide fun, safe, and easy gift ideas for birthdays and special occasions.



In the workshop "Stories with Soul" each child will create their own textile box from a material such as sheep's wool. They will be taught two basic techniques; 1. Wet felting, a technique with which you can create a felt cloth, a two-dimensional structure that will work like paper where they will paint with small strands of colored wool forming a landscape. 2. Needle felt, a technique with which they can create three-dimensional figures in sheep's wool on the same painting to give volume and importance to the characters.


In this course you will learn how to cook easy and delicious recipes, and you will be able to participate through almost the entire process of cooking. Along this course, teachers will foster proper growth and assist students in gaining greater understanding of healthful eating habits for lifelong benefit.


Students will be able to take this course for one out of the two weeks of the session. There will be a beginners session where students will learn to mount the horse and ride at the basic level.

The advanced level is for those students that have experience with horseback riding.


This course teaches choreographies, hip hop steps and all gymnastics elements, which makes this course fun for boys and girls of all ages. Students will be able to practice a choreography which they will showcase to their parents at the end of the camp. It will be a great opportunity to work with a team and perfect your cheer and hip hop skills.


In this class students will be introduced to swimming technique and water safety by fun games and activities. Each group will focus on the different needs and level of the students. Students will be grouped according to their skills/level.


The classes offered are: Beginners level (no previous experience required) & Intermediate level.

Synchronized swimming is the ideal sport for any child who loves music, teamwork, and being in the water! It is a unique and challenging combination of swimming, gymnastics, and dance teams that swim choreographed performances to music.

All participants will be introduced to fundamental skills: A repetitive arm movement that is used to hold a position in the water, which is the key skill for synchronized swimming, basic formations, and various routine components.


This class will provide recreational and beginning water polo skills. It will emphasize all the fun and dynamic aspects of the game in a easy-to-learn format. It will focus on simulating a positive environment that will motivate kids to learn to swim and work together as a team.

Through introducing and developing these beginning water polo skills, the kids will learn to have fun playing this sport while maintaining a safe pool environment.


Because it’s one of the most popular sports in the world, we didn’t want to leave our kids without the chance of joining this fun sport!

Please be aware there is also a soccer-only option, the Nido Soccer Camp. Click here for more information.


The course is based on boys and girls having fun and getting familiar with the activities and games related to basketball. It is a healthy and recreational opportunity to form players and for the students to discover their own conditions and abilities. The class is structured in 3 parts: dynamic initiation through games, fundamental techniques and skills, and closing with games or competitions where everyone can participate and contribute to their team.


Artists at work! is a hands-on experience art class. We believe everyone is an artist. You will discover and experiment with different artistic techniques and materials such as acrylic, mixed media, ceramic, papel mache, collage, mural painting, etc. We will learn new tips for drawing, painting and sculpting. One of our missions for this course is to encourage your passion and self expression through different types of arts. We will end up show casing an art exhibition with all the art pieces created. Let your creativity run wild and discover your own artistic voice.


In this workshop, students will learn how to improvise on stage. By means of cues, miming, props, costumes and situations, students will learn how to create spontaneous stories on stage. The class is divided in three sections: a fun warm up, learning acting elements and then performing in front of the class.

This class is ideal for anyone that wants to perform or get out of their comfort zone. We are professional actors/ teachers who will guide the students to learn how to express themselves and to find ways to let their creativity work for the stage. Come and have fun with Play It Up Theater.


This course is an opportunity for students, especially the non-native English speakers, who wish to develop their social and academic skills in the English language. Our focus in this ESL course is to encourage students to enjoy English by participating in different and exciting activities that tap on the key areas of speaking and listening, while expanding their vocabulary and improving their writing skills.


Sports is part of our program and volleyball is a competitive team sport which by their very nature, teach students to work together. Besides the fun of it, children learn and develop personal growth through it.


Stop Motion is an animation film workshop where kids create a short story using small sets and characters of their own creation. These sets, built from cardboard boxes, fabrics and other materials, are brought to life using cut-out or plasticine characters, or simply small toy characters brought from home. Their story is photographed frame by frame, then placed in sequence on a computer program and children add sound and narration to the film. During the last day we have a screening premiere where they get to watch their own film projected in the school auditorium.

(Course with Limited Space)

Early Years Program (2-6 years old)

The Nido EYS Summer Camp is planned for children ages 2 through 6. Participants are going to enjoy the school holiday in a rich/fun learning environment which will allow them to acquire new skills and make more friends.

The Summer Camp is staffed with the same high quality teachers that work in our regular school year program. They ensure that the children participate in activities that cover all areas of development while being immersed in English Language settings.

The Early Years program is structured in two sessions, each being two weeks long. Each week has a theme that will allow children to learn about a specific topic which will be woven into all activities planned for the week, including swimming lessons, arts & crafts, cooking, recreational sports, among others.

We want to make the children’s vacations fun-filled and enjoyable!

Special Day

At the end of each session we will have a special day for children to wrap up the experience and share with their families what they have done throughout the two-week period. Be an active participant in their achievements!


Based on the number of children enrolled in the program, we will have eight to ten groups of approximately twenty kids. Each group will be balanced according to gender and age. Two teachers will be in charge of each group and each will have a classroom of their own. Children ages 2 to 3 will be placed in a special group with more professionals in charge and with a slightly different routine to fit their developmental and personal needs.


The EYS Summer Camp day starts at 9 a.m. and finishes at 1 p.m. The groups will have a daily launching activity in their rooms that will set the tone for the day and the week. They will be learning songs, games, and vocabulary related to the weekly theme through fun activities that will let them know what to expect during the camp journey. Throughout the day the children will move with their teachers between different activities, such as: swimming, cooking, music, recreational sports, among others. The kids will have a full day of learning and excitement!

Week 1: Splashing Colors! (January 7 - January 11)

Dive into the experience of discovering the pleasure of colors in the world. Children will be involved in perceptive, sensorial, and fun activities that will allow them to realize that colors are everywhere and that they bring joy to our lives. The children will show their excitement and happiness by splashing their colorful spirit all around!

Week 2: Artistic Creations! (January 14 - January 18)

Art is part of the children’s essence. Let’s bring it out! This week is designed for children to use their imaginations and creative thought processes. Children will have an opportunity to express themselves through different types of art. We’ll have jewelry making, painting, tie dying, and so much more. Be the first student to display your talents through the use of different techniques. Explore your creativity and create!

Week 3: Nature Wonders (January 21 - January 25)

Enjoy and walk around the magnificent surroundings that are part of Nido! In this theme, children will observe nature, collect things, make models, and see demonstrations of natural wonders. The children will have a chance to appreciate Mother Earth: planting, recycling, and learning how to take proper care of it.

Week 4: Movin' and Groovin'! (January 28 - February 1)

Get ready to shake the sillies out! Children will exercise their gross and fine motor skills while enjoying a variety of sports and games designed to build concentration, strength, speed, and skills. Join us for a week of stretching and strengthen the body by means of yoga practice, obstacle courses, sensory walks, Zumba, and dancing. Learn, play, and improve sports skills while having fun!

Nido Soccer Camp (Grades K1-8)

The Nido Soccer Camp program runs for the entire camp day (9am - 1pm). Children who register for the Nido Soccer Camp will only participate in soccer activities.

The aim and objective of the Nido Soccer Camp is to provide a professionally organized and structured Soccer training environment for young players between 5 and 14 years of age.

The coaching sessions and activities that the Nido Soccer Camp offers are aimed at all skill levels with the emphasis at all times on having fun while learning. The coaches ensure that all activities and games are always conducted safely and in the spirit of fair play.

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