The International School Nido de Aguilas

Guidance & Counseling

The socio-emotional well-being and developmental progress of each student is an important part of Nido’s curriculum. Teaching our students to strive for generosity of spirit, adaptability in their responses to events and circumstances, and happiness in their lives is a key part of Nido’s mission and values and a core goal of our Guidance and Counseling program.

Our Guidance and Counseling Team includes professionally trained psychologists and school counselors whose mission is to provide solution-focused counseling services and programming and to facilitate communication and coordination of care for individual counseling cases. For individual cases, we use a Student Study Team (SST) model, coordinating among counselors, teachers, administration, parents, learning support, and any outside specialists the student might have.

Our Guidance and Counseling Teams work closely with our Learning Support Teams to ensure that we are maximizing each student’s academic, social, and emotional potential. Parents are an active and important part of the Guidance and Counseling process and are welcome to make appointments to speak with team members about concerns, with suggestions, or for parenting support.