The International School Nido de Aguilas

Guidance & Counseling

The socio-emotional well-being and developmental progress of each student is an important part of Nido’s curriculum. Teaching our students to strive for generosity of spirit, adaptability in their responses to events and circumstances, and happiness in their lives is a key part of Nido’s mission and values and a core goal of our Guidance and Counseling program.

Our Guidance and Counseling Team includes professionally trained psychologists and school counselors whose mission is to provide solution-focused counseling services and programming and to facilitate communication and coordination of care for individual counseling cases. For individual cases, we use a Student Study Team (SST) model, coordinating among counselors, teachers, administration, parents, learning support, and any outside specialists the student might have.

Our Guidance and Counseling Teams work closely with our Learning Support Teams to ensure that we are maximizing each student’s academic, social, and emotional potential. Parents are an active and important part of the Guidance and Counseling process and are welcome to make appointments to speak with team members about concerns, with suggestions, or for parenting support.

Curriculum and Programming

Social and emotional learning is an important part of the curriculum in all divisions at Nido. In the Early Childhood Center, the focus is on guiding students through the different developmental stages of socio-emotional growth, while in the Elementary School, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their words and actions, to come up with positive solutions when they have conflicts with their peers, to build resiliency and learn from their mistakes, and to express their feelings in appropriate and healthy ways. Middle School students and High School students face challenges such as responsibility with social media, peer pressure, general health and wellness, and a greater need for organizational skills and time management. Our Counselors deliver programming that helps them grow and mature in these areas and learn how to make sound, values-based decisions. High School students receive assistance and guidance in the area of university counseling and admissions, from initial research into possible career paths all the way through to planning ahead for the transition from Nido to life at their chosen university or college.

Counselors use courses, workshops, division-wide programming, and small- and large-group counseling for the social/emotional learning curriculum. Teachers and counselors write newsletters and design workshops for parents on children’s social/emotional growth and how to help them through challenges or life transitions that they are facing. Nido offers special support groups for families and students who are new to the school or dealing with the unique challenges of being a “third culture kid.”

Learning Support Services

Nido is able to offer a limited amount of learning and language support to students needing minor assistance with learning differences or English-language acquisition. Our Learning Support Specialists and Language Acquisition Specialists meet students’ individual learning needs in an inclusive, responsive, and collaborative environment, with the belief that all learners can succeed academically when provided with support targeting their specific needs. Both Counselors and Learning Support Specialists have relationships with psychologists, psychiatrists, and other bilingual specialists in the Santiago area and can make referrals when appropriate. The ECC, ES, MS, and HS all offer different types and levels of support.

To inquire about the school’s ability to meet specific student learning needs, please contact the Admissions Office to arrange an interview to discuss whether Nido could be a good fit for your child.

Child Protection Policy

Nido de Aguilas recognizes its responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of all children and young people in its care.

The main elements of our Child Protection Policy are:

  1. Prevention of harm and abuse through the creation of a positive school atmosphere and through the teaching and pastoral support we offer to our students.
  2. Protection through following procedures (known, understood, and agreed on), ensuring staff are trained and supported to respond appropriately and sensitively to child protection concerns.
  3. Support to students who may have been abused.

This policy applies to all students, staff, volunteers, and visitors to Nido de Aguilas.

Review the entire policy in English here.

Revisa el documento completo en español aquí.