The International School Nido de Aguilas

Nido Traditions

Nido hosts several events throughout the year to bring our community together and celebrate the generosity of spirit that makes Nido the unique place it is. Some of these events include: 

  • Fiesta Huasa, an outdoor event celebrated during September, the month of the Chilean Independence Day, beginning with a procession on horseback and complete with music, dancing, food, and rodeo competitions and performances.
  • Kermess is an international carnival held in November where we celebrate our diversity, with food, singing, dancing, and costumes from countries around the globe. 
  • Alumni Reunion: Whether you were enrolled at Nido one semester or 15 years, all alumni are invited to the reunion held annually in December, to rekindle memories and reconnect.

Divisions also hold many special events during the year, such as the celebrations of learning, International Day, musicals, performances, exhibits, Spirit Week, and Back-to-School Nights.