The International School Nido de Aguilas

Nido Traditions

Nido de Aguilas celebrates past, present, and future in its rich history of beloved School traditions. Year after year, Nido alumni return to our beautiful campus to see old friends and make new ones and to remember their younger days at the school that remains such an important part of their lives. One of the things that makes Nido traditions so unique is that they belong to all members of the School community and are organized by all members of the School community. These events bring everyone together to celebrate the generosity of spirit that makes Nido the happy and special place that it is.

Several times a year, Nido invites the local community to campus to join us in celebrations of culture, friendship, and diversity. The academic year starts off with two of these annual celebrations - Obertura Chilena, which features an art show and musical, dance, and dramatic performances from groups from all over Chile, and Fiesta Huasa, an outdoor event celebrated during September, the month of the Chilean Independence Day, beginning with a procession on horseback and complete with music, dancing, food, and rodeo competitions and performances. Kermess is an international carnival where we celebrate our diversity, with food, singing, dancing, and costumes from countries around the globe. We are happy to welcome so many guests from the local community to these events and proud of the staff, teachers, students, and parents whose generosity and hard work, year after year, makes all of this possible.

Within the School community, there is much to look forward to each year. We anticipate special events months, even years in advance, and great planning, effort, and care is put into each occasion out of love and respect for our School.