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We would like to share some great examples of the excellent work that our community members did in the past months. These initiatives are a perfect example of the School’s public purpose. 

Project “1 Computadora 1 Educación” 

Alexandra, Maria and Isabel, Class of 2021 graduates, launched a technology fundraiser project called ‘1 Computadora 1 Mejor Educación’ during their senior year to help their community in a tangible way during the COVID-19 crisis. “The provision of Education, a basic human right, has faced tremendous challenges for the lower socio-economic classes under COVID-19,” Alexandra, Maria and Isabel explain. “In an effort to mitigate this crisis, our group is strongly motivated to facilitate the access to online classes to students. We recognize that our community has had the privilege to smoothly transition into distance learning thus we must help those that have not.”. 

This meant the students worked with the Nido’s Tech Team to refurbish one hundred iMac computers,  which were then donated to Colegio Diferencial Madre Tierra and Colegio Lo Barnechea in November of 2020 and continued their efforts even after graduating in June. This month, this student-led project donated another 42 computers that will benefit three schools in the coastal city of Papudo in the Valparaiso Region: Escuela Rural Pullally, Escuela Básica Papudo and Liceo Técnico Profesional Papudo. 

“Nuestra alcaldesa me ha encomendado hacerles presentes sus sentimientos de la más alta estima y agradecimientos personal por tan loable labor filantrópica hacia los alumnos de la comuna de Papudo y que sabemos que se le dará el mejor uso a dichos implementos tecnológicos, sobre todo en estos difíciles tiempos de pandemia que son fundamentales para desarrollar los procesos de enseñanza de nuestros niños y niñas,” wrote Jorge Arcos, Director of the Education Department in Papudo. And this week, they will donate another 18 computers to a school in La Ligua.

“We hope the students at Nido will continue to do projects like this. Not only does it help with sustainability but it is a tremendous support to local schools in need, ” says Alexandra. 

Nido Donates Sports Equipment to La Cisterna’s Colegio Naciones Unidas 

In July Nido received an email from Colegio Naciones Unidas in the comuna of La Cisterna asking for help: they needed sports equipment for their students. Nido didn’t hesitate and immediately started working. A couple of days later, Colegio Naciones Unidas received hundreds of balls, athletic wear, training mats, gymnastic equipment and more, that were donated by the Nido community.

Rosa Mancilla, Director of Colegio Naciones Unidas, said, “Este beneficio para nuestro colegio será de gran ayuda y significará una oportunidad para contar con una implementación que permita desarrollar muchas más actividades significativas y de alto impacto pedagógico para nuestros estudiantes”.

  • Schoolwide





This week, all of our divisions have celebrated Chile's Independence Day by teaching our students Chilean literature and history, dances, games, songs, and much more. Today we will end the celebrations with nine student-led fondas in different campus locations, following all of the safety protocols. 

*NEW* Nido Connects App

We are excited to announce that we are launching our very own school communication app this school year: Nido Connects! Parents, faculty, staff, and students will be able to conveniently access school communications, news, events, faculty and staff directory, calendar, emails, and much more.  Users can also customize the app according to their needs, divisions and interests through filters and push notifications. 


Calling all bookworms, Harry Potter fans and book lovers in general! April 23 is International Book Day, and to celebrate it, the Media Center has planned several activities that will run throughout the month.

Team Coaching Cycles During Hybrid and Distance Learning

Nido Learning Coaches Tom Ferrebee and Nicole Zito recently shared with Student-Centered Coaching expert Diane Sweeney how they have been able to coach our teachers from a distance over the past year and now in the Hybrid model. While challenging, they also found new possibilities for how they collaborate with our teachers.