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Congratulations to the Class of 2020 IB Diploma students who achieved great results in an unprecedented year. The 2020 cohort held the largest number of registered candidates (91) in Nido history. This was a unique year, as the IB exam session was not held, and our students did not have the opportunity to display their subject knowledge through exams in each of the two-year courses. Not taking tests was disappointing for this group of scholars as they had been building up for these exams. Instead of exams, IB students were assessed on a combination of their non-exam coursework, their predicted grades, and the historical data for each course. Nido's traditionally strong performance in the IB Diploma Program played a positive role in the results for this year's students. Impressively, Nido students continue to significantly outperform their worldwide counterparts based on global averages of course grades, the IB core (EE, TOK and CAS) and their overall diploma score.

The following table shows the current results summary for the IB Diploma Program students who completed the 2018-2020 two-year college preparatory program (data will change slightly as some students have requested that their work be re-assessed). These statistics are right on par or slightly better than previous Nido performances.

May 2020 School Statistics

Nido 2020

World Avg.

Number of candidates registered in the session



Number of diploma candidates registered in the session



Percentage of candidates who earned their diploma



Average points earned by candidates who passed the diploma



Average grade earned by candidates who passed the diploma



Percentage of students who earned Bi-Lingual IB Diploma (Language A in both Spanish and English)



Average bonus points earned from TOK & Extended Essay



Again, we extend a hearty congratulations to the Class of 2020 for these results and for upholding the Nido tradition of excelling in the IB Diploma Program. We wish them further success in their next academic and life challenges. The Class of 2020 will be uniquely well-prepared for an ever-changing world with their adaptability and resilience in a challenging Senior year.

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Calling all bookworms, Harry Potter fans and book lovers in general! April 23 is International Book Day, and to celebrate it, the Media Center has planned several activities that will run throughout the month.

Team Coaching Cycles During Hybrid and Distance Learning

Nido Learning Coaches Tom Ferrebee and Nicole Zito recently shared with Student-Centered Coaching expert Diane Sweeney how they have been able to coach our teachers from a distance over the past year and now in the Hybrid model. While challenging, they also found new possibilities for how they collaborate with our teachers.

Congratulations Class of 2020 for PTU Results!

Nido students that were part of the Nido's PTU Academy averaged 665 points in Language Arts and 687 in Math. This included one student who obtained "puntaje nacional", the maximum score in math.


Last year presented unprecedented challenges and in an effort to return to normality, as soon as the quarantine was lifted in Lo Barnechea the Media Center was able to provide the first-ever Remote Resource Borrowing to our community adapting to all the safety measures.

Exciting News & Updates from the Media Center

Even though campus has been closed to our students, the Media Center team has been staying busy updating our Media Center's resources and renovating the physical space. Whether that has been spearheading the remote borrowing service or rearranging shelving, our Media Center is more active than ever.


September begins the most fun and treasured time of the year in Chile—Fiestas Patrias! September in Chile may look a little different this year, but as a Nido community we are committed to celebrating together even if it will be done virtually.

In anticipation of our celebrations, we are announcing a schoolwide virtual Cueca Competition!