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IB Design Technology is not the easiest class to accomplish during periods of distance learning through a pandemic, but Nido IB Design Technology students persevered in their goals to design creative solutions to real-world problems.

“Nido's Design Lab is a great space for students to work together, problem-solve and develop critical thinking skills that can be applied to real-life situations. The design teachers are always there to support the students in any way they can, following Nido's core value of ingenuity,” says student Mia.

The IB Design Technology course teaches students to be sophisticated problem solvers, both in terms of surmounting the challenges they encounter in the design of a solution to their selected real-world problem as well as solving the environmental and social issues that arise from our society’s increasing consumption of materials and energy.

Student Daniel, says, “[t]he Nido community is never afraid to share problems faced in the community and the world. Thus, that encourages students like me to take a jab at such presented problems and try to find solutions through design, modeling, conversations, and much more.” 

The IB Design Technology Internal Assessment is the culminating practical design project that counts for 40% of the class grade for both Standard Level and Higher Level students. In this project, students begin by researching a real-world "design opportunity" after which they create a list of design specifications that describe a successful solution. Students then ideate potential solutions through a series of "napkin sketches", model their developed ideas using conventional materials and digital fabrication tools such as 3D Printers and Laser Cutters, gather client and user feedback on their designs, and prepare a formal presentation of instructions that would allow a 3rd person to be able to manufacture the prototype of their final design.




Jump Rope Prosthetic
jump rope prosthetic

Daniel designed a prosthetic for an elementary school student with Symbrachydactyly located in his right hand, which made him unable to jump rope. 

“I decided to create this idea as it involved an actual problem with a Nido student needing a solution (jump rope with right-hand symbrachydactyly). With my solution, I could see the impact of my design, and I could have an actual client to talk to. Having the ability to see my designs being tested out and seeing the results of it finally working is highly valuable to me and key in creating an impactful innovation.” 

Click here to see the full project and design, and a video of an early iteration of the product in action.



Collapsible Drum

Hyewon saw an opportunity to improve a commonly reported problem for professional percussionists, which is that drum sets are time consuming to set-up and are difficult to transport. She created a design for a collapsible drum to improve transportability while maintaining a full acoustic drum experience.

Click here to see the full project. 



Phone Case and Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Combo

Pratiti saw a multitude of problems created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Knowing that disinfecting hands is one way to stop transmission of the virus she set out to better integrate hand sanitizer into people’s lives so that they were less likely to forget it.

“This idea struck me when I sat in the car after going to Jumbo and realized how many times I had forgotten to use hand sanitizer after shopping. I have amazing teachers like Mr. Lehrer who are always challenging me to go beyond the IB course. After feeling the excitement of my design actually printing and working, I feel like I can solve other problems too. Learning how to utilize laser cutting machines and 3D printers helps me turn frustrations into solutions.” 

Click here to see the full project.



Dog Paw Cleaner
paw cleaner design

Mia, a dog owner herself, learned that the state of a dog’s paws can reveal underlying issues such as allergies or infections, and that paw care is very important for dog health. Through a survey she discovered that a majority of respondents knew the importance of cleaning their dogs’ paws, but only a small number cleaned their paws after a walk since the process is time consuming and unenjoyable for all of those involved.

”I didn't use to clean my dog's paws for the same reasons most dog owners disregard the process; thinking it's unnecessary. It wasn't until I educated myself on the importance of cleaning dogs' paws to maintain basic pet hygiene and prevent infections from occurring, that I decided to create a Dog Paw Cleaner. One that dog owners would actually want to use for its simplicity and efficiency.”

Click here to view the full project.



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Nido Class of 2021 IB Results

IB results are in! And they are excellent. Seventy five students of the Class of 2021 registered for the May 2021 Session  –49 involved in the Diploma Program and 26 took the Partial Plan. Of the first group, 98% earned their diploma, which is 11 percentage points higher than the World Average and 75% earned a bilingual diploma.


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Congratulations to the Class of 2019 on their IBDP Results!

Congratulations Class of 2019! Nido's largest IB Diploma group in its history significantly outperformed their worldwide counterparts based on global averages of course grades, the IB core (EE, TOK and CAS) and their overall diploma score.