The International School Nido de Aguilas



Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! I love the start of school. It brings with it a new sense of possibility, excitement, and challenge. We have many students returning to campus, a class of freshmen joining our high school, and a group of new students arriving for the first time to Nido. It is an ideal time for us to strengthen our community by capitalizing upon the positive energy that a new school year brings. With that in mind, I encourage each of our high school families to take a moment to reflect on Nido's core values—engagement, ingenuity, adaptability, generosity, and happiness. Here are some questions, centered upon these values, that I encourage your family to discuss together before we start the new semester:

  • How do you plan to get involved in the community this semester?
  • What new classes are you eager to explore? What ideas are you considering researching?
  • What is a challenge you faced last year; how did you overcome it?
  • Which people and causes do you care about? How do you plan to help them?
  • What makes you happy right now? What positive words would you use to describe yourself?

As we prepare for the start of school, I have been asking myself some of these very same questions. I plan to set some intentions and work to champion our school's values. I hope your family will join me.

Perhaps I am especially excited about the 2018-2019 school year because it will be my first year serving as your High School Principal. My family just moved to Santiago from Shanghai, China (with a stop in Portland, Oregon for a few weeks of summer). We have already received such a warm welcome from the community—it is clear that Nido is a special place! I look forward to meeting each of you in the coming semester. Please take the time to introduce yourself to me when you see me on campus, or contact me if you want to learn more about our high school program.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Kate McKenna

High School Principal

Open House | March 12

¿Te gustaría saber más de Nido? Invitamos a todos los apoderados a nuestro Open House, el martes 12 de marzo a las 8:30am.

8-Week Parent Mindfulness Course

Registration is now open for the popular 8-Week Mindfulness Workshop with HS Counselor/Wellness Coordinator Lina Paumgarten.


Don't miss out! Registration for Session 1 of Nido Summer Camp ends on December 19. Sessions are filling up quickly!

Kermess 2018

All are invited to Kermess, our largest event of the year, on Saturday, November 24, 11:00am - 4:30pm.

8th Grade Luncheon with Recent Immigrants to Chile

In Social Studies and Language Arts classes, as part of an integrated Humanities Unit, grade 8 students have been preparing to answer the driving question, "What can you do in your personal life and in your larger community to welcome and support immigrants and other newcomers?"

NIDO SURF CLUB 2018-2019

The Nido Surf club is open to all Nido Community, interested to learn about Surf, including all skill levels, which are eager to improve their sports abilities and know the beauty of the Chilean Oceans.

Shadow Day at Nido | October 10

Una de las mejores formas de familiarizarse con un lugar es experimentándolo de primera mano. Nido ofrecerá precisamente eso a través de su Shadow Day, el miércoles 10 de octubre.


Nido de Aguilas School invites you to participate in the third Interscholastic Nido Chamber Music Fest. Please note that this is not a competition, but a Festival. Student musicians will participate as an ensemble.


Nido de Aguilas is pleased to offer again the highly popular 8-Week Mindfulness Workshop for parents with Ms. Lina Paumgarten.