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Welcome Back from ES Principal James
Welcome Back!

I am eager to greet students and families on the first day and hear all about the memories that were made during the summer vacation. My family spent almost four weeks working our way through Southeast Asia. Beyond the temples, animals, food and amazing vistas, I was most delighted with the time to laugh and reconnect with my family. After visiting four different countries with 16 different flights, we now have a new set of moments and stories that will last us a lifetime. In the end, whether in school at Nido or on holiday, the memories that matter are the ones that are accompanied by strong personal connections.

Alas, here we are, getting ready for the second semester at Nido. Along with an eagerness to reconnect with familiar faces, I also want to welcome all of our new families to the Nido community. Our goal is to create a supportive environment that values risk taking, collaboration, personal growth and caring. If we can help guide our students to see the world through an empathic lens, while understanding their own personal passions and interests, then we have helped foster amazing young citizens.

As a final technical note, remember that 7:30 am is going to feel extremely early the first days. It might be a good idea to begin saying, 'goodbye' to summer and having a few days of school routines. Regardless of the preparation, we all know that our students will be tired during the first week of school. Let's all work together to support our students/children, so the start of our second semester is filled with success. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Greg James
Elementary School Principal

The 2nd annual EMPREDIL conference on March 22 & 23 aims to inspire young leaders to take action about the future. Organized by students, this conference is targeted towards teenagers that are interested in entrepreneurship, leadership, and success.


Nido de Aguilas is pleased to offer again the highly popular 8-Week Mindfulness Workshop for parents with Ms. Lina Paumgarten.


The second annual Nido 5000 is a community race series organized by the Nido de Aguilas Trail Running Team, Myteam Run & Tri club, and sponsored by Mitsubishi.


Are you a Nido parent, alumni, or staff who loves to play soccer, but doesn't have a way to play? Join us on Mondays and Thursdays evenings beginning March 12 for the Nido Adult Soccer Academy.

Welcome Back from MS Principal Shawe

I trust that your child enjoyed the summer break – traveling, reading (I hope!), sleeping a bit later – and that she/he returns home this week with a huge smile about the start of the new semester.

Welcome Back from ES Principal James

I am eager to greet students and families on the first day and hear all about the memories that were made during the summer vacation.

Welcome Back from EYS Principal Cota

I hope that you all had a wonderful summer of spending time with family, relaxing and reconnecting with one another in a rejuvenating environment.


The 21 National Plan students who recently sat for the PSU (Prueba de Selección Universitaria) earned Nido the 20th spot in the top 100 schools in Chile for PSU rankings.

High School Principal Announcement

Nido recently conducted a worldwide search to select a High School Principal for the 2018-2019 academic year and is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Kate McKenna to the position of High School Principal beginning in July 2018.