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Welcome to Nido Athletics!

At Nido, Athletics plays an important role in our community and especially in our student athletes' lives. We offer structured, organized sports and ongoing physical activities. Whether it is in a court, field or at the pool, we will always focus the program on our students, on what is best for them and in the best quality possible; creating an environment that creates excellence with the best positive experience for all.

A successful athletic program includes dedicated coaches, active support from the student body, outstanding leadership from school administrators, and most importantly, a great sense of pride fostered by the entire community.

We will continue to encourage our student athletes to compete with passion and to do it with class and dignity, always balancing their sports with their academic demands. Playing hard, playing fair, and dedicating themselves to be the best they can possibly be, but most importantly, having fun!

We have so much to look forward to in this new 2018-19 school year.

The first semester sports for Middle School are mentioned below. Sign up in this MS LINK.

  • MS Girls & Boys Basketball
  • MS/HS Junior League Baseball
  • MS Girls Field Hockey
  • MS Boys Rugby
  • MS Gymnastics
  • MS/HS Cheerleading
  • MS Girls & Boys Track & Field
  • MS/HS Girls & Boys Water Polo Club
  • MS Girls Synchro Swimming
  • MS/HS Girls & Boys Swimming

Here are the first semester sports for High School. Sign up in this HS LINK.

  • HS Girls & Boys Volleyball
  • HS Girls & Boys Soccer
  • HS Dance Team
  • Grade 9 Junior League Baseball
  • MS/HS Cheerleading
  • HS Girls & Boys Track & Field
  • MS/HS Girls & Boys Water Polo Club
  • MS/HS Girls & Boys Swimming

The girls and boys Volleyball and Soccer tryouts begin on Tuesday, July 31st, while swimming begins on Wednesday, August 1st at 3:30 pm. All other High School and Middle School sports will begin on Monday, August 6th.

Lorena Rodríguez, our Aquatics Director, will be out this semester on maternity leave as her son Lucas was born in June 25th. While she is enjoying a wonderful time with her newborn baby, Felipe Salinas will be taking over her position. Please feel free to email him at or stop by to talk to him in case you need to know anything regarding the aquatics activities and sports.

I encourage all the parents to learn more about our programs and the Nido Athletics Booster Club and to become part of the Nido family as a parent volunteer, supporter and fan. Donna O'Shannessy ( is the Nido Athletics Booster Club Chairperson and would love to hear from you.

The community's support is very important and we will need your help in the national and international events that we will host at Nido. For the first time officially, we will hold Junior Varsity SAAC tournaments and it is Nido's turn to organize the Junior Varsity SAAC Soccer tournament in mid October. It promises to be an exciting event.

In late November, we will again host the SAAC Swimming tournament. Nido has dominated in this competition and I am sure this year, we will continue to compete a very high level.

On behalf of our coaches, staff, and booster club, we welcome you once again to Nido de Aguilas and thank you in advance for your support. Through our combined efforts, we will continue to generate the continued resources necessary for consistent success within our programs.

I look forward to getting to know you all this semester. I feel honored to be part of this fabulous school and promise to work hard on your child's behalf to promote and strengthen the values of our programs.

With the Nido Eagles Spirit!

Claudia Araya

Third Grade Ecosystems Project Based Learning

During the fourth quarter, third grade students were involved in a collaborative and small group Ecosystems PBL (Project Based Learning). The project was integrated through reading, writing, art, and science which challenged students to answer, how can we as environmental stewards advocate for and help protect the biodiversity in ecosystems?

New Sustainability Partnership with Eco-Lógica

With the goal of moving towards a more sustainable campus, Nido de Aguilas is pleased to announce its new partnership with Eco-Lógica. Eco-Lógica works with many major organizations in a variety of industries, and Nido will be their first school partner.

NPA BOARD FOR 2019-2020

The 2019-2020 NPA Board was elected at the annual general meeting held on Thursday, May 16th 2019.


Six teachers from Nido de Aguilas recently traveled to Concepción to provide professional development to over 60 teachers from the BioBió region as a part of the Teachers' Academy, an initiative formed by the national plan English in English.

CHARLA PUC: Salud Mental en Niños y Adolescentes

El miércoles 15 de mayo llevaremos a cabo la charla en español Salud Mental en Niños y Adolescentes: Factores Protectores e Indicadores de Riesgo, llevada a cabo por la Dra. Nicole Vásquez de la Unidad de Trauma y Disociación, Departamento de Psiquiatría, Escuela de Medicina, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Este charla es gratuita y abierta al público de Chile (educadores y apoderados).

Shadowing Day | 14 de mayo

Una de las mejores formas de familiarizarse con un lugar es experimentándolo de primera mano. Nido ofrecerá precisamente eso a través de su Shadow Day, el martes 14 de mayo.


Nido's much anticipated Arts Showdown event is coming up on Thursday, May 16 at 7:00pm in the Arts Building. There will be wine, hors d'oeuvres, music, a "Smash & Grab" raffle, and great fun with amazing art by important artists at affordable prices!

Nido Summer Experience Internship

This summer Nido launched the Nido Summer Experience for High School students—a program through which students participated in a series of workshops before interning at local businesses to learn professional skills in research, marketing, operations, engineering, and more.

85th Anniversary: A Student Retrospective
In 2019 Nido de Aguilas is celebrating its 85th anniversary year. The High School newspaper, Eagles Manifesto, published a series of articles in honor of Nido's birthday, including this reflection on the school community.

85th Anniversary: Kick-Off

When I arrived at Nido five years ago, I remember being thrown immediately into the festivities of the schools 80th birthday celebration.

Open House | March 12

¿Te gustaría saber más de Nido? Invitamos a todos los apoderados a nuestro Open House, el martes 12 de marzo a las 8:30am.

8-Week Parent Mindfulness Course

Registration is now open for the popular 8-Week Mindfulness Workshop with HS Counselor/Wellness Coordinator Lina Paumgarten.