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Successfully Learning Together During Inservice Week

Nido Teachers came together during our July Inservice days to build a shared understanding around our professional learning communities of Critical Friends Groups (which we have renamed, Nido Learns Together- NLT). Critical Friends Groups (NLTs) provide structures that support adult learning in schools. They are groups of educators who meet regularly with the goal of improving teaching and learning and are characterized by skilled facilitation and the use of protocols to guide adult learning. This simple structure assumes that (1) teachers have both things to learn from each other and things to teach each other, (2) that learning together will improve their teaching practice, (3) deepen their knowledge of students, (4) and build a shared understanding of fundamental ideas about schooling.

In order to build a shared understanding of Critical Friends Groups they participated in a variety of professional learning experiences facilitated but Nido faculty. Day 1 began with a Breakout Edu Challenge. In groups of 10 teachers had to search for clues hidden around the room that would help them solve a mystery together. Once the clues were found, they had to work together to use those clues to unlock more clues until the final mystery could be solved. In large groups of 10, teachers had to collaborate with each other, be creative, use problem solving skills, and communicate effectively. These skills are the same skills we use when we engage in meaningful conversations about teaching and learning. Teachers debriefed what was engaging, helpful, frustrating, and challenging about this experience and then discussed those implications from a learners experience, tying the learning back to the classroom experience for their students.

The second shared learning experience of the day had two main goals. First, teachers read and discussed quotes from articles about critical friends to strengthen their understanding of the theory behind the Critical Friends Group model of professional learning. Then teachers worked together in groups to brainstorm elements that excited them about our NLT work. They also brainstormed ideas about different aspects of their individual practice that they would like to improve in service of student learning. The final outcome of this session was for each teacher to walk away with two ideas that he or she wanted to share with their 2018-2019 NLT group.

Day 2 began with an energizing performance from JustinCase. We wanted to bring in an element of fun and excitement to get the faculty ready for another day of learning. Ian and Daniella shared important information with the entire faculty about child protection. Following this session, faculty participated in a variety Tunings facilitated by other Nido faculty. A Tuning is when a person (or a small group of people) present an idea they are working on to their colleagues to get feedback. The tunings had topics ranging from ideas people wanted to present at the 2019 AASSA conference to feedback on launching new units. There were several purposes behind this session. First, it was important for faculty to experience a protocol that they might want to use in their 2018-2019 NLT group. The tuning protocol is a powerful protocol for improving teaching and learning. Because this session was partially designed as a protocol learning experience it was set up in a fishbowl format. Some faculty participated in an inner circle and others sat in outer circle. People from the outer circle were still able to participate in the process to a lesser extent, but were able to be more active observers of the protocol which helped enhance the debrief of the experience. The second purpose of this session was to provide feedback to colleagues to help improve their work and to provide a platform for meaningful conversation about teaching learning.

After lunch we had a session designed to serve as a culminating experience for our two days of professional learning. Each member of the faculty was charged with the task of creating a short keynote in which they were asked to elevate their own thinking for other international educators about why Nido's approach to professional learning, our NLT groups, was important for transforming teaching and learning. Through a process of critique and revision each faculty member narrowed their ideas into one powerful sentence which became part of group keynote speech that was video taped. We ended the day with a movie screening in the theater, watching the different keynotes. It was inspiring to see everyones thinking, shared publicly, about our learning together. Transforming teaching and learning is not easy. In order for transformation to occur we must trust each other, share our doubts and fears, as well as our successes. In the spirit of our learning journey we closed our two days of professional learning with a group sing along, inspired by the closing of the 2018 Deeper Learning Conference, "Lean on Me."

Nido's much anticipated Arts Showdown event is coming up on Thursday, May 16 at 7:00pm in the Arts Building. There will be wine, hors d'oeuvres, music, a "Smash & Grab" raffle, and great fun with amazing art by important artists at affordable prices!

Nido Summer Experience Internship

This summer Nido launched the Nido Summer Experience for High School students—a program through which students participated in a series of workshops before interning at local businesses to learn professional skills in research, marketing, operations, engineering, and more.

85th Anniversary: A Student Retrospective
In 2019 Nido de Aguilas is celebrating its 85th anniversary year. The High School newspaper, Eagles Manifesto, published a series of articles in honor of Nido's birthday, including this reflection on the school community.

85th Anniversary: Kick-Off

When I arrived at Nido five years ago, I remember being thrown immediately into the festivities of the schools 80th birthday celebration.

Open House | March 12

¿Te gustaría saber más de Nido? Invitamos a todos los apoderados a nuestro Open House, el martes 12 de marzo a las 8:30am.

8-Week Parent Mindfulness Course

Registration is now open for the popular 8-Week Mindfulness Workshop with HS Counselor/Wellness Coordinator Lina Paumgarten.


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Kermess 2018

All are invited to Kermess, our largest event of the year, on Saturday, November 24, 11:00am - 4:30pm.