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Nido Works for Students Nido Works for Graduates

Calling all Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors! Two-week experiential learning opportunities await at businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries in Santiago.

Through this mentorship program, students shadow people within a variety of areas at their assigned workplace. Students are also assigned a hands-on project that engages them collaboratively as they develop a particular skillset.

Nido Works for Students supports participants with a pre-training session, mid-session check-ins, and a post-session wrap-up.

Fee: $275,000

Seeking more experience around a particular field of work? One to two month internships are available for recent Nido graduates or current seniors who have already participated in the Nido Works for Students program.

Internships are available in Santiago businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries, with the purpose of engaging students in a more professional, day-to-day work experience.

Nido Works for Graduates supports participants with a pre-training session, mid-session check-ins, and a post-session wrap-up.

Fee: $50,000


League of Champions Week 1 Highlights

Week one of the League of Champions kicked off before the September holiday break and propelled our student-athletes back into the spotlight. We invite you to see the most exciting moments of our first match!


September begins the most fun and treasured time of the year in Chile—Fiestas Patrias! September in Chile may look a little different this year, but as a Nido community we are committed to celebrating together even if it will be done virtually.

In anticipation of our celebrations, we are announcing a schoolwide virtual Cueca Competition!

Nido's Learning Coaches Program

Our Learning Coaches balance the roles of coaching and curriculum facilitation in a student-centered coaching model. They engage in curriculum coaching: creating learning experiences for faculty and course-alike teams to design curriculum and student-centered coaching cycles, partnering with teachers in the classroom, focused on student learning and evidence-based practices.

This semester in distance learning the Grade 8 Humanities classes worked on a design thinking project that explored 'How should we remember the past in order to impact the present and influence the future?' They were fortunate to have the expertise and feedback of several Nido alumni who are professional architects in the portion of their project that called for designing a memorial.
Choose Your Own Adventure in ES Distance Learning

In Grade 2 Distance Learning Mr. Chad Mills led his students though a creative writing process to engage his students in the collaborative and fun process of writing a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book.

Nido Values in Distance Learning

Ms. Layne Hudes, Elementary School Principal, and Mr. Jon Penhollow and Ms. Jessica Overton, Elementary School Assistant Principals, recently reflected on how the Nido values are expressed by our community during distance learning.


Colegio Internacional Nido de Águilas y Fundación Educacional Seminarium se unieron en alianza para desarrollar la primera versión de la Academia de Desarrollo Docente con foco en el impulso profesional entre pares.

Durante 2 días y medio, profesores capacitarán a profesores para desarrollar las habilidades que requieren los alumnos para superar con éxito los desafíos del siglo XXI.

Nido Admissions Open Houses

Nido invita a todos los apoderados a una Visita Abierta para conocer nuestro enfoque único a la educación. Descubra Nido de Águilas, donde los niños se enamoran del aprendizaje, nutren sus fortalezas y pasiones, y se convierten en agentes de cambio de un mundo que evoluciona constantemente.