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Congratulations to our Class of 2019! The 19 National Plan students who recently sat for the PSU (Prueba de Selección Universitaria) earned Nido the 18th spot in the top 100 schools in Chile for PSU rankings. This is the highest score in our school's history! The PSU is the standardized admissions test for Chilean universities and approximately 33% of our students stay in Chile for university.

Our results are particularly remarkable as a Nido education focuses on fostering a love of learning, critical thinking skills, collaborative thinking, and preparing students for an ever-changing world, rather than PSU preparation during normal classes. Instead, they prepare through Nido's PSU ACademy during their final semester and the time between their graduation in June and the test later that year. Most Nido students do not seek private tutors or providers. The PSU scores of students at Nido have been consistently excellent since the creation of the Academia PSU Nido.

Nido's education, the Nido Way, is unique as it acknowledges the importance of high PSU scores—allowing students to be admitted to the best Chilean universities of their choice—while prioritizing an international curriculum that prepares students for the world. Through a myriad of opportunities, Nido inspires students to find their strengths and passions, setting themselves up for success and happiness outside of test scores. Every year we look forward to seeing where our students will go and how they will contribute positively to the world in Chile and abroad. We are very proud of our hardworking students, many who have attended Nido since early childhood, and all of the teachers who prepared them along the way.

*Source: Emol


Last year presented unprecedented challenges and in an effort to return to normality, as soon as the quarantine was lifted in Lo Barnechea the Media Center was able to provide the first-ever Remote Resource Borrowing to our community adapting to all the safety measures.

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CONGRATULATIONS to all teams for a great job on their last meet! Lots of spirit and energy were shown in each one of the challenges!

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Exciting News & Updates from the Media Center

Even though campus has been closed to our students, the Media Center team has been staying busy updating our Media Center's resources and renovating the physical space. Whether that has been spearheading the remote borrowing service or rearranging shelving, our Media Center is more active than ever.


CONGRATULATIONS to all teams for a great job on their team Instagram videos! Lots of spirit and creativity were shown in each, and the videos received a total of 1895 "likes", WOW!

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September begins the most fun and treasured time of the year in Chile—Fiestas Patrias! September in Chile may look a little different this year, but as a Nido community we are committed to celebrating together even if it will be done virtually.

In anticipation of our celebrations, we are announcing a schoolwide virtual Cueca Competition!