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The International School Nido de Aguilas


Participate in the Nido MakerLab Challenge!

Nido de Aguilas is creating new spaces for students and the community to be able to make, design, and create through new technologies. The Maker movement is here to stay and is evolving every day! As a result, we need to innovate and keep learning! For this to happen we need your help.

We are currently in the process of creating the logo for Nido's MakerLabs. We want the Nido community and the global community to see and recognize our innovative work. We need your creativity and design talents.

Prize for the winner:

Fabrication of your Logo with the school machines: a) small size 3D Printed logo in plastic, b) medium size Laser engraved logo in acrylic, and c) large size CNC Router logo cut in wood.

Guidelines for the MakerLab Logo Challenge

- Design should be easy to replicate (fabricate, print, CNC, stencyl-like font/logo would help

- At least one Nido color has to be incorporated (Pantone 280 or Pantone 7621) into the design

- The design must align to both Nido's Mission and Vision and the mission and vision of the Nido MakerLabs

- Feel free to use any font, but you must specify which one/s did you use.

- Logos must be sent to before the 25th of May 2018 with the title/subject: Nido MakerLab Logo Challenge

- You must attach a .jpg or .png image format and a .ai or .svg vector format

- You must include a brief description of your work, explaining what motivated or inspired you.

- A committee will select the 3 logos that best represent the challenge objectives. These 3 logos will be published on a website and will be open for popular vote on the 4 of June 2018.

- The Winner of the Challenge will be announced the 11 of June 2018

If you send your proposal you are agreeing to the following terms:

- The committee can declare the challenge as "deserted" (if there aren't many competitors and/or no logo represents the challenge objectives)

- For your logo to be published on a public website

- For your logo to be used and modified by Nido de Aguilas to best fit Nido branding and MakerLab challenge objectives.

Nido's MakerLab Vision

Nido's MakerLabs are spaces across campus of traditional and emerging technologies in the Nido de Aguilas School, designed to support students, faculty and staff to explore and develop flexibility and problem-solving skills in a collaborative, innovative, and engaging environment.

Nido's MakerLab Mission

Nido's MakerLabs cultivate innovation, ingenuity, and creativity through the exploration of traditional, new and emerging technologies. The Nido MakerLabs are places where formal and informal learning come together to provide users with hands-on experiences that help them refine their ideas and engage authentically with problem-solving through experimentation, collaboration, research, and play. The Nido MakerLabs are available to all of the Nido de Aguilas community, regardless of their department, age or level of knowledge.

Nido Values in Distance Learning

Ms. Layne Hudes, Elementary School Principal, and Mr. Jon Penhollow and Ms. Jessica Overton, Elementary School Assistant Principals, recently reflected on how the Nido values are expressed by our community during distance learning.


Colegio Internacional Nido de Águilas y Fundación Educacional Seminarium se unieron en alianza para desarrollar la primera versión de la Academia de Desarrollo Docente con foco en el impulso profesional entre pares.

Durante 2 días y medio, profesores capacitarán a profesores para desarrollar las habilidades que requieren los alumnos para superar con éxito los desafíos del siglo XXI.

Nido Admissions Open Houses

Nido invita a todos los apoderados a una Visita Abierta para conocer nuestro enfoque único a la educación. Descubra Nido de Águilas, donde los niños se enamoran del aprendizaje, nutren sus fortalezas y pasiones, y se convierten en agentes de cambio de un mundo que evoluciona constantemente.


The 19 National Plan students who recently sat for the PSU (Prueba de Selección Universitaria) earned Nido the 18th spot in the top 100 schools in Chile for PSU rankings.
International Education Conference for Social-Emotional Learning

All are invited to Making Connections, Building Communities, Nido's first International Education Conference for Social-Emotional Learning, on Saturday, March 7 from 8:30am - 4:00pm.

This conference will feature a keynote presentation on the importance of social-emotional learning in schools from Professor Catherine Griffith of University of San Diego and a variety workshops in English and Spanish from experts on topics and issues that counselors and teachers face daily in the classroom and parents face with their children and teens at home.

This conference is free and open to all parents, teachers, and counselors from any school in Chile.

Parent Mindfulness Courses

Lina Paumgarten, Nido HS Counselor and Wellness Coordinator, is once again offering her popular and valuable mindfulness courses to parents beginning in March 2020. There is an 8-week course for those who have not taken mindfulness courses before and an advanced 4-week course.

Professional Development Conferences at Nido

In March 2020 and May 2020 Nido will be hosting two exciting professional development opportunities open to educators worldwide. Join us for Teaching and Learning Through Inquiry with Kath Murdoch on March 14-15, 2020 and Readers and Writers Workshop with Erin Kent from May 11-15, 2020.


Apoderados interesados en Nido y sus hijos de 2 a 5 años están invitados a experimentar uno de los aspectos más únicos del programa educativo de Nido en el que los alumnos participan anualmente hasta la graduación: la educación experimental.


At Nido, the summer is an opportunity to explore new horizons and further develop important skills for an ever-changing world. Come learn with us this summer and discover the Nido Way through the Nido Summer STEM Experience (NSSE).

Nido Open House | December 3

¿Te gustaría saber más de Nido? Invitamos a todos los apoderados a nuestro Open House, el martes 3 de diciembre a las 8:30 am, para conocer nuestro enfoque único en la educación.


With 85 years of experience preparing students for a rapidly changing world, we know that early exposure to a variety of workplaces and careers gives student an edge in life after high school. We invite you to join Nido Works for Students or Nido Works for Graduates.


Attention Young Entrepreneurs! Would you like to learn how to get started on your next big venture? Nido is partnering with Columbia Business School from New York City to bring their faculty to Santiago for a one-time, week-long workshop in January that exposes students to the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation.