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Nido de Aguilas Maker Lab's Partners with Donors and Creates 800 Face Shields to Support Communities in Need

Nido has three MakerLabs on campus, one for the the Elementary School, one for the Middle School and one for High School. In these spaces students are taught the use of digital tools and manufacturing techniques and foster their creativity and problem-solving skills. These labs have 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, CNC routers and other tools that allow our faculty, staff, and students to make (almost) anything.

When the pandemic arrived in Chile, alongside the growing health and social crisis, the country came to a standstill. "This came along with a major disruption in the world's supply chain, which made our team realize that there was a lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), putting healthcare professionals and ordinary people in a higher danger of getting infected by Sars-Cov-2. As companies are struggling to keep going, as well as major travel restrictions, people around the globe are looking to satisfy the demand of PPE in other ways, and Nido was eager to join this fight and help", explains Nils Reichhard, Nido's Design and Technology Specialist who has spearheaded this initiative.

Nido, together with SOSMakers and anonymous donors, was able to create and assemble 800 Faceshields based on the model of FabLab Universidad de Chile. 100 Face shields were already donated to Fundacion Pequeño Cottolengo and the rest will be distributed to other NGOs (non-governmental organizations) soon. Nido will continue to support to its best ability organizations and communities in need during these challenging times.

LoC Week 4 Highlights

We invite you to enjoy the best moments of the fourth round of the League of Champions!

We are approaching the finals and this is getting more and more exciting!!

JLoC Meet 1 Highlights

The Middle School teams wrapped up their first Junior League of Champions meet last Friday, and it was all sweat and smiles by the end.

LoC Week 3 Highlights

Join us to watch and enjoy the most exciting moments of the third match of League of Champions!

Exciting News & Updates from the Media Center

Even though campus has been closed to our students, the Media Center team has been staying busy updating our Media Center's resources and renovating the physical space. Whether that has been spearheading the remote borrowing service or rearranging shelving, our Media Center is more active than ever.


CONGRATULATIONS to all teams for a great job on their team Instagram videos! Lots of spirit and creativity were shown in each, and the videos received a total of 1895 "likes", WOW!

HS LoC Match 2 Highlights

We invite you to enjoy the best moments of the second round of the League Of Champions!

League of Champions Week 1 Highlights

Week one of the League of Champions kicked off before the September holiday break and propelled our student-athletes back into the spotlight. We invite you to see the most exciting moments of our first match!


September begins the most fun and treasured time of the year in Chile—Fiestas Patrias! September in Chile may look a little different this year, but as a Nido community we are committed to celebrating together even if it will be done virtually.

In anticipation of our celebrations, we are announcing a schoolwide virtual Cueca Competition!

Nido's Learning Coaches Program

Our Learning Coaches balance the roles of coaching and curriculum facilitation in a student-centered coaching model. They engage in curriculum coaching: creating learning experiences for faculty and course-alike teams to design curriculum and student-centered coaching cycles, partnering with teachers in the classroom, focused on student learning and evidence-based practices.

This semester in distance learning the Grade 8 Humanities classes worked on a design thinking project that explored 'How should we remember the past in order to impact the present and influence the future?' They were fortunate to have the expertise and feedback of several Nido alumni who are professional architects in the portion of their project that called for designing a memorial.