The International School Nido de Aguilas


Interview with Headmaster Perry

By Nelia Perry, Grade 10

Mr. Perry will be working as the Acting Headmaster at Nido starting this semester. He has been the principal for three and a half years here and is excited for this new position that will allow him to interact with a greater breath of people in the community.

What are you most looking forward to in your new position?

Nido has a history that makes it an important school in Chile and the region, and the commitment of its alumni, faculty, staff, parents, students and Board to the School is inspiring to me. As a result, I will work hard at this job and I look most forward to the satisfaction I feel giving my very best effort to advance the School's compelling and worthy mission, vision, and values. I also like my new business cards - they're pretty cool.

What do you think will be the hardest part of this transition, and how will you handle that?

Frankly, the transition from my last school to Nido was harder than this one from Assistant Headmaster to Headmaster at Nido. When I first arrived in Chile, I had what turned out to be a pretty superficial understanding of this school, and, to make it harder, the Assistant High School Principal and Headmaster were also both new. I didn't see issues coming until they were right in front of me. In addition, Nido is a pretty nuanced place and it takes a while to get to know and understand it well. I feel lucky to have been here now for some time before serving in this new role. I still have a lot to learn, but I now have a much better understanding of this place than when I first arrived.

Have you adjusted to your new office? If yes, what was that like?

Sure, and because I moved offices over the summer, it wasn't really that eventful. I have a funny story to tell about my old office. When I first arrived, I didn't realize that the windows were mirrored and it appeared to me from behind my desk that when people were coming down the stairs that they were looking at me straight in the eyes. So, for the first few days, every time that happened, I would wave, but the people coming down the stairs never waved back. It was a bit unsettling until I realized that folks were actually looking at themselves - that they couldn't see into my office. I felt a lot better after that. My new office has a wonderful view of International Park and I'm enjoying that a lot, but I'll also miss having my daughters and their friends stop by during the day. I hope they and others will be willing to go a bit out of their way to see me.

What will you be focusing on this semester and in the future across the divisions?

We have been working recently, and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future, to create and perpetuate an intentional school culture - a "Nido Way" of teaching and learning - that is shaped by the teachers, rooted in our school's mission, vision, and values, and relentlessly oriented towards student achievement. Also, in my new role I will be responsible for the whole business side of schooling and that will keep me quite busy too.

What will you miss most about the High School?

Well, everything, really. I don't know that I've ever left a position feeling like I accomplished all that I wanted to, but this transition came so unexpectedly and quickly that I feel like I'm leaving a project before I got to finish it on my own terms. I loved the time, however, that I got to lead the high school - it was a real privilege - and I'll miss the day-to-day interactions with the students, teachers and staff, but, fortunately, I'm not leaving the school, or as Monty Python put it, "I'm not dead yet," so I'll get to see the continued evolution of the division. I'm excited to see how Mr. Petit, this year, and Dr. McKenna and Mr. Petit next year will make the division their own. I'll also miss watching the Patriots next year with Mr. Darien, but that's because he's leaving the school, not because I changed positions. Maybe you should interview him next!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The thing I said about stopping by my new office - well, I really meant it. I'd like the administrative building to be a place that people are comfortable visiting.


I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with your students during this year, most recently as the Interim Principal of the High School.


The 2017-2018 academic year brought about a few changes for the EYS. We welcomed Grade 1 into our division and we received a new name, Early Years School instead of ECC (Early Childhood Center).


Nido de Aguilas School invites you to participate in the third Interscholastic Nido Chamber Music Fest. Please note that this is not a competition, but a Festival. Student musicians will participate as an ensemble.

Ski Club 2018

The Nido Ski Club (6th - 12th grade) and Junior Ski Club (4 year olds - 5th grade) are open for registration.

Leadership Position Changes

The positions of IB Coordinator and Professional Development Director have been filled internally, and next year we will have an Assistant Principal in the Early Years School.

Earth Week at Nido

Last week, High School kicked off a month long Earth awareness campaign. The theme for this year is End Plastic Pollution.

Shadowing Day at Nido | April 25

Una de las mejores formas de familiarizarse con un lugar es experimentándolo de primera mano. Nido ofrecerá precisamente eso a través de su Shadowing Day, el miércoles 25 de abril.


Nido's much anticipated Arts Showdown event is coming up on Thursday, May 10 in the Arts Building.


The 2nd annual EMPREDIL conference on March 22 & 23 aims to inspire young leaders to take action about the future. Organized by students, this conference is targeted towards teenagers that are interested in entrepreneurship, leadership, and success.