The International School Nido de Aguilas


International Education Conference for Social-Emotional Learning

Making Connections, Building Communities

Saturday, March 7 | 8:30am-4:00pm

Nido de Aguilas

All are invited to Making Connections, Building Communities, Nido's first International Education Conference for Social-Emotional Learning, on Saturday, March 7 from 8:30am - 4:00pm at Nido de Aguilas.

This conference will feature a keynote presentation (translated from English to Spanish) on the importance of social-emotional learning in schools from Professor Catherine Griffith of University of San Diego and a variety workshops in English and Spanish from experts on topics and issues that counselors and teachers face daily in the classroom and parents face with their children and teens at home.

This conference is free and open to all parents, teachers, and counselors from any school in Chile. Click here to register or contact Ana Maria Leon at for questions. Space is limited!

Todos están invitados a 'Making Connections, Building Communities', la primera Conferencia Internacional de Educación para el Aprendizaje Socio Emocional del colegio Nido de Aguilas, el sábado 7 de marzo de 8:30 am a 4:00pm en las instalaciones de ese establecimiento.

Esta conferencia contará con una presentación magistral (traducida del inglés al español) sobre la importancia del aprendizaje socio-emocional en los colegios. La profesora Catherine Griffith de la Universidad de San Diego tendrá a cargo la apertura de dicha conferencia y, tendremos para ustedes una variedad de talleres ofrecidos en inglés y español por expertos en los temas socio emocionales que hoy en día son grandes desafíos en las aulas escolares y en los hogares.

La conferencia es gratuita y está abierta a todos los apoderados, docentes, orientadores y psicólogos. Hagan clic aquí para inscribirse o pónganse en contacto con la Dra. Ana Maria Leon, para cualquier duda pregunta.

Workshops include:

  • - How are my students really doing? Collecting Social Emotional Data for Educational Planning and Evaluation (K-12, English)
  • - Introduction to Supporting Students with Special Needs ES (K-5, Spanish spoken by facilitators to answer questions)
  • - Motivational Goal Setting for Children and Adolescents (English)
  • - Strengthening your classroom community with morning meetings (Spanish)
  • - Strategies for Small Group Counseling in the School Setting (Spanish/English)
  • - Using mindfulness as a tool to better serve self and others (English and Spanish)
  • - Seven Social Coping Skills for Students (English)
  • - Third Culture Kids Panel (K-12, English)
  • - Interested in an International School Counseling Program from San Diego University? (K-12, English)
  • - Building Connections through Family Meetings (K-12, English/Spanish)
  • - How can I engage teenagers who don't want to talk? A motivational interviewing approach. (English)
  • - Creating connections for learning: Parents and Teachers as architects of the child's integral development.
  • - SOS! Help for Parents: Managing Emotions of Elementary School Children ( K-5, Spanish)
  • - Student Success Skills
  • - Supporting Students with Special Needs (6-12, English with Spanish spoken by facilitators to answer questions)


Registration and Refreshments
9:15am-10:00amKeynote Speaker Professor Catherine Griffith

10:15am-11:45amWorkshop Sessions 1
12:00pm-1:30pmWorkshop Sessions 2
1:30pm-2:30pmLunch (bring-your-own or purchase at food truck fair, admission is additional $2,000)
2:30pm-4:00pmWorkshop Sessions 3

Keynote Speaker Professor Catherine Griffith

Catherine Griffith is an Assistant Professor in the school counseling program at the University of San Diego and a former Associate Director for the Ronald H. Fredrickson Center for School Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation (CSCORE). She received her Ph.D. in Counselor Education at the University of Central Florida in Orlando and earned her Master's degree and credential in School Counseling at Chapman University in Orange, CA. A passionate advocate for creating school environments that are responsive to vulnerable students and families, her primary research activities include the development and validation of strengths-based counseling interventions and assessments. She has worked with children and adolescents in school, clinical, and community settings, and specializes in the development of positive coping skills and resilience among queer youth.


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