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The 2017-2018 academic year brought about a few changes for the EYS. We welcomed Grade 1 into our division and we received a new name, Early Years School instead of ECC (Early Childhood Center). The students physically, mentally, and emotionally changed, sometimes right before our eyes.

The PK students arrived to the EYS wide-eyed and uncertain of what to expect as they began their educational journey. They learned about their own bodies and emotions at the beginning of the year to expanding to learning about the neighborhood around them. The smiles, laughter, tears, and unstoppable spoken words have shown the growth that happened within PK this year.

Students in K1 began the year, most of them with some familiarity of Nido, yet faced with new teachers and classmates. They gained more body awareness amongst themselves and their peers. They sang, explored, counted, learned new vocabulary, and expanded their views that the world is bigger than just their own bubble. I am always amazed at how much physical growth takes place in the years from 4 to 5...especially those legs they just keep stretching out!

Moving up to the second floor, the K2 students expanded their minds, as they became writers, readers, and mathematicians. They explored and discovered new concepts from their own inquiry, or prompted by their teachers, and peers. The inquisitive nature of the K2 students was contagious, as you saw through the Earth Protectors Project.

Welcoming Grade 1 into the EYS has been a fulfilling experience for the students, teachers, and community. The students made giant leaps with their academic abilities, as they became fluent readers, authors that published written works, and explored number sense to greater depths. They improved the playground by designing, creating and implementing their designs after a thorough process that included parents.

These are simply a few highlights of the past year. As I consistently say, parents, we could not do what we do without the support you all give us in the EYS. The commitment and involvement from you all has been noticed and appreciated!

I wish the best of luck to all the families that are departing Nido. Grade 1 families, I wish you well as you transition into the ES. Mr. James and Mr. Penhollow and all the Grade 2 teachers are eagerly awaiting your entry into the Elementary School. The rest of you, I look forward to welcoming you back for the 2018-2019 academic year! Enjoy your winter vacations!

Open House | March 12

¿Te gustaría saber más de Nido? Invitamos a todos los apoderados a nuestro Open House, el martes 12 de marzo a las 8:30am.

8-Week Parent Mindfulness Course

Registration is now open for the popular 8-Week Mindfulness Workshop with HS Counselor/Wellness Coordinator Lina Paumgarten.


Don't miss out! Registration for Session 1 of Nido Summer Camp ends on December 19. Sessions are filling up quickly!

Kermess 2018

All are invited to Kermess, our largest event of the year, on Saturday, November 24, 11:00am - 4:30pm.

8th Grade Luncheon with Recent Immigrants to Chile

In Social Studies and Language Arts classes, as part of an integrated Humanities Unit, grade 8 students have been preparing to answer the driving question, "What can you do in your personal life and in your larger community to welcome and support immigrants and other newcomers?"

NIDO SURF CLUB 2018-2019

The Nido Surf club is open to all Nido Community, interested to learn about Surf, including all skill levels, which are eager to improve their sports abilities and know the beauty of the Chilean Oceans.

Shadow Day at Nido | October 10

Una de las mejores formas de familiarizarse con un lugar es experimentándolo de primera mano. Nido ofrecerá precisamente eso a través de su Shadow Day, el miércoles 10 de octubre.


Nido de Aguilas School invites you to participate in the third Interscholastic Nido Chamber Music Fest. Please note that this is not a competition, but a Festival. Student musicians will participate as an ensemble.


Nido de Aguilas is pleased to offer again the highly popular 8-Week Mindfulness Workshop for parents with Ms. Lina Paumgarten.