The International School Nido de Aguilas

Nido in the Community

As an Ashoka Changemaker School, Nido de Aguilas is an active, committed, and forward-thinking participant in the various communities with which it is engaged. We view ourselves as partners with our colleagues and friends in these settings, and we encourage our students to do the same, as part of our mission to give our students the motiviation and skills to make a positive difference in the world in collaboration with others. During their time at Nido, all students engage in different service learning programs, giving them the opportunity to identify problems, design solutions, and make a difference in their communities.

Building a sense of community starts within the School, and the feeling of belonging to the Nido Family is strong – we encourage each other, support each other, challenge each other, and celebrate with each other. Our campus is open, and parents are welcome participants and partners in their children’s education. We treasure our alumni, our staff, and our faculty, and our students learn and grow with each other in a happy, healthy, supportive environment. Nido welcomes new families to the School with warmth and guidance, so if you are interested in joining our Nido community, please contact our Admissions Office to arrange a tour.

Lo Barnechea

From its beginnings in Peñalolen, Nido de Aguilas always has been an integral part of whatever local community in which it was location. In 1962, Nido relocated to the municipality of Lo Barnechea in the Andean foothills and remains there today. Nido treasures its relationship with the people of Lo Barnechea, and one of the most important projects for the younger students is Our Community, in which students venture out into old Lo Barnechea to learn more about Nido’s caring and talented neighbors. Many Nido staff members live in Lo Barnechea, some extremely close to the school, and Nido’s takes very seriously its role as one of the largest employers in the municipality. The School also is committed to being a responsible environmental steward of its land and appreciative and respectful of the beautiful and precious natural resources of Lo Barnechea.

Nido de Aguilas is a meeting place of knowledge and knowledge sharing, work, study, and exchange of experiences, where learning and teaching meet in an inclusive and dynamic process. This encounter inevitably takes place in the shared communal space of the municipality. The integration between our school and the community of Lo Barnechea is a vital and necessary process in the evolution of the educational development of Nido, and we seek to promote it together with the municipality with communication and interaction between Nido students, principals, and teachers and the community around us, in order to support each other and meet common needs. Research projects, learning by discovery, and problem-solving initiatives come to life in institutional and community proposals, introducing new areas of knowledge related to the needs and challenges of the community. Nido always has in mind our shared interests in social, educational, and enviromental issues as we face the future together with the municipality of Lo Barnechea.

Local and Regional

Nido opens its doors regularly to the larger Santiago community, for festivals, concerts, speakers, tournaments, tours, and workshops. Our Fine Arts Academy hosts many evening events such as Obertura Chilena and visiting artists series, the majority of which are free to the general public, and some of these events include performances from artists from Lo Barnechea, Santiago, or various parts of Chile. Our Athletics Department hosts not only local teams but also teams from across South America, as well as the Nido Adaptive Games, a student-led day of activites for children in the community with special needs. Twice a year, the school puts on large festivals - Kermess and Fiesta Huasa – with significant attendance from outside of the immediate School community. Our Professional Development Academy gives tours of our facilities and offers teaching and learning workshops for teachers in Santiago, as well as inviting local educators to speak to our faculty.

Nido students, faculty, and staff also go out into the community, for service learning, volunteer work, fundraising, outdoor education, exploring Chile’s natural and cultural resources, learning new skills, and meeting new people. Two of our teachers recently participated in the Kuykuitin Project, in which they spent ten days learning about the realities of life among the Mapuche people of southern Chile and then taking that experience back to their classrooms. Our Nido Without Walls program gets all of our students out into Santiago and even into far corners of South America to explore the world around them with purpose and with learning objectives such as offering community service, acquiring leadership skills, learning cultural sensitivity, or building resilience and fortitude. Santiago and Chile offer a wide range of cultural and sport activities, and Nido students, faculty, and staff take full advantage of the opportunities available to them.


Part of Nido’s mission as an international school is to educate global citizens for a future in which increased connectivity allows us to learn from each other and meet challenges together as we make a better world. We are proud of the Nido Way of teaching and learning, and through our Professional Development Academy, we are excited to be sharing our experience and knowledge with our colleagues in other schools around the globe. We are members in many international educational organizations and regularly participate in international conferences, workshops, and other educational programs such as the Educational Leadership Academy with High Tech High's Graduate School of Education, the Exeter Humanities Institute for Harkness Method training, and the Columbia Teachers College Reading & Writing Project. Through these partnerships and this participation, we are part of knowledge creation and progress forward in the global education community. Nido also is proud to be sending students to some of the finest colleges and universities in the world, and our alumni give back to society through their careers, through charitable organizations, and with the spirit of generosity that is one of the core values of the Nido educational experience.