Nido de Aguilas is pleased to welcome Nido alumni Maya Westcott and Pamela Gómez to the Board of Directors of the International School Nido de Aguilas

Maya Westcott is a Nido alumna (class of '95) and currently has three children at Nido. Prior to becoming a member of the Board of Directors, she was Founding President of the Nido Alumni Association.

Maya has participated as manager, shareholder and/or board member in various entrepreneurial endeavors, including the representation of international brands and the development of a private nature reserve in the south of Chile. She has also been active in many philanthropic initiatives, primarily related to education and the arts. Maya graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in International Relations.

Pamela Gómez is a Nido Alumna (class of '86), is married to an alumni, and currently has three children at Nido.

Pamela has worked in various positions in corporate finance and as a fund manager. She has also been a board member of several companies in Chile and abroad. Currently, Pamela works as a private consultant and runs an educational project for vulnerable children in schools in Lo Barnechea. Pamela graduated from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Andrés Pérez '99

New Head of International Finance at the Ministry of Finance, Chile

Congratulations to Andrés Pérez '99 for being appointed the new Head of International Finance at the Ministry of Finance, Chile. Andrés, MBA & MPP (University of Chicago), is a founding NAA Board Member. He has taught macroeconomics at Universidad Católica, and worked at the World Bank, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Central Bank of Chile, and in the private sector.

Francisco Sánchez '83

President of Nido de Aguila's Board of Directors

Francisco Sánchez is a parent of a Nido student, a recognized lawyer from Universidad de Chile, our President of the Board since 2013, and an active member of our community.

"Both of my parents came from a very different educational background. They both attended very conservative educational institutions. So when they discussed what type of education they would want to provide for me, they came to the consensus of looking for a day school, non-religious, co-educational, strong in the English language and open to the world. Given that context, I think they could not have made a better decision than bringing me to Nido. All these attributes continue to be distinctive in Nido today", he says.

Nido has been present in Francisco's life since he was a child and the reason is very clear. "Nido has many powerful characteristics that make it a special school. I think it provides a connection to the world in a way no other school in Chile does. Nido opens our hearts and minds to diversity, tolerance and empathy. The education Nido provides is unique in Chile and prepares our students to succeed in any discipline, anywhere in the world", he adds.

During his tenure as board member, he has supported the school in the preparation of its current Strategic Plan and the revision of its guiding statements: mission, vision, and core values and also worked in the last few years in changing the financial model of the school. "In my case, I received so much from Nido as a student, that I feel that serving as a volunteer on the Board, and being the Chairman right now, is my way of giving back to the Institution I so much love", he says.

Shawn Garry '97

Film-maker, Shawn Garry 97, is busy working on his second feature film, "El Mandato," a biographical film about Cardinal Raúl Silva Henríquez—the Chilean cardinal who founded the "Vicaría de la Solidaridad" during the Pinochet Regime and was awarded the United Nations Human Rights award in 1978 for his work in defense of human rights. After Nido, Shawn attended the College of Santa Fe from where he obtained a B.A. in Moving Image in 2001. Garry's acclaimed first feature film "Desierto Sur" (2008) was presented and won various awards in numerous international film festivals including Mannheim-Heidelberg in Germany, Palm Springs, Shanghai, Viña del Mar, Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival and many other festivals in Latin America, Asia and Europe. It has been widely distributed. Shawn also produced Diego Ruiz' movie "Iglu," and currently directs advertisement for FUNKY FILMS-DEMENTE CHILE, including controversial topics like therapeutic abortion for the NGO MILES CHILE. The series was honored with the Bronze Lion at the Cannes Festival in 2015. Shawn's upcoming film about Cardinal Silva Henriquez was featured in last Thursday's El Mercurio. Keep up the good work Shawn, we look forward to the screening of the film!

Ricardo Bayón '85

Congratulations Ricardo Bayón, Class of '85, founding partner of Encourage Capital and the Team at Encourage Capital for creating a new holding company, Pescador Holdings, aimed at helping make fishing more sustainable. Additionally, they have just announced that their first investment will be a sustainable seafood company in Chile. Encourage Capital is a new kind of investment firm that seeks to change the way investment capital is used to solve critical environmental and social problems.

According to Ricardo, "Two years ago Encourage began an experiment to see if we could turn the whole concept of impact investment on its head? What if instead of retrofitting the impact to the investment, we could design the investment around the impact? What would that look like? So we worked with some great partners like the Bloomberg Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, RARE and Oceana on a specific issue: the collapse of the world's fisheries. We asked ourselves: could we design an investment that would both help address the problem of fisheries collapse at the same time that it made money for investors? So we set out to create such an investment product." Today they have come full circle and actually turned one of those ideas into reality. Read more here. Encourage Capital is also looking into innovative ideas for investments that may help reduce the plastic contamination of the world's oceans.

Kyoung H. Park '00

Congratulations to Kyoung H. Park, Class of 2000, who will be in an artist-in-residence at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York this Spring. Kyoung is the first Korean playwright from Latin America to be produced and published in the United States and he currently writes and directs his own work as Artistic Director of Kyoung's Pacific Beat—a non-profit, peacemaking theater company. Through his company, Kyoung explores sources of violence and engages with local communities to develop an empathetic understanding of underrepresented perspectives. After Nido, Kyoung received his BFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, MA in Peace and Global Governance from Kyung Hee University's Graduate Institute of Peace Studies in South Korea, MFA in Playwriting from Columbia University's School of the Arts, and was a 2010 UNESCO-Aschberg Laureate. You can learn more about his work at and


Roberto Díaz, Class of '78, is a violist of international reputation, and President and CEO of the Curtis Institute of Music. He has had a significant impact on American Music life in his dual roles of musician and educator. As a soloist, Roberto collaborates with leading conductors of our time on stages throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia. He has also worked directly with important 20th-and 21st-century composers including Krzysztof Penderecki and Edison Denisov. Ricardo Lorenz, Robert Sierra, and Jennifer Higdon have all written concert for him. Robert attended Nido from kindergarten to grade 7, but remains in touch with his classmates. He was recently featured on PBS Newshour as part of a story about the personal qualities of passion, perseverance, and determination that successful people share. Watch it here, for insight into what sets people like Roberto and his students apart.