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About the Nido Alumni Association

The Nido Alumni Association (NAA) was established by former students in 2015 as an independent non-profit organization with the purpose of connecting and supporting Nido’s global alumni community and the School. It aims to build an interactive platform that helps alumni stay in touch and strengthen their bond to one another, to give back to the school and its local community and contribute to Nido’s sense of history and tradition. The NAA is guided by the Nido mission and its core values of engagement, ingenuity, adaptability, generosity and happiness.

All former students, whether graduates of Nido or not, are invited to be part of the NAA. Since the NAA was established after the school had been in existence for over 80 years, the NAA has devoted most of its energy during its initial year to tracking down and reconnecting with former students. If you have not yet registered, you may do so here. For current students, once you graduate from Nido you automatically become a member of the NAA. Your status as an alumnus entitles you to participate in all NAA programs, events and activities. So don't miss out - please join us! In addition, we also welcome former faculty and parents to participate in the network we are creating and in many of our activities.

Class Representatives

Several of the graduating classes have Class representatives who have volunteered to help communicate and organize activities pertinent to their class. We are still in need of representatives for some classes. Please write us at if you would like to volunteer for your class.

Area Representatives

We are also searching for people who would like to volunteer to help contact fellow alumni, organize events, etc. in their local area. Please write us at if you would like to volunteer.

Costa RicaJohanna Hidalgo

BostonChris Tadue

MiamiChristina Maldonado

New YorkRosario Conde

New YorkAnna Nador

LondonPaula Pinto
Washington DC

Iván Jaques

San Francisco Bay Area

Tom Opazo


The NAA is registered as an independent, non-profit organization according to Chilean law. It is governed by a Board of Directors, currently composed of 5 Nido alumni and two representatives from the School. In addition, the NAA members form ad hoc committees to further our work and to help organize events. We invite you to join us if you want to become more involved in either our current activities or suggest new initiatives and activities.

NAA Board of Directors

President Maya Westcott '95
Vice President Teresa Edenholm '78
Secretary Santiago Long '95
Treasurer Andres Perez '99
Director Andrea Garry ' 94
Director Francisco Sanchez '83
Director David Perry


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