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The Nido Fund

What is the Nido Fund?

The Nido Fund is an annual giving program providing the greater Nido community with the opportunity to make contributions to the school in support of priority projects that enrich the student experience.

Founded as a non-profit educational foundation, since 1934, Nido has relied on the generosity of its community — founders, teachers, staff, parents, alumni, and friends — to create the dynamic and innovative school that it is today. Nido’s core values — engagement, ingenuity, adaptability, generosity, and happiness — reflect our history and our future as we educate students to be compassionate contributors to their communities and the world.

The Nido Fund gives parents, alumni, friends, and companies the opportunity to support Nido with charitable contributions that are tax-deductible and to make a real difference for current Nido students. Donations of all sizes support Nido’s growth, and donors will receive an official donation certificate (“certificado de donacion”), in in accordance with Chilean law.

Featured here are the projects that this year’s Nido Fund will support. Annual giving touches every student, in every grade, every year. We hope that you will consider investing in Nido students today and help us grow together for the future.

2018—2019 Projects

Nido Fund 2018-2019 (without restrictions)

Donations to the Nido fund, without restrictions, are used to support all areas of life at Nido, including the specific projects listed below and many more. By making an unrestricted donation, you are enabling Nido to draw on your support when, and for what, we need it most.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Our financial aid program is used to support exceptional students whose parents need some assistance paying their tuition fees. Nido offers financial aid packages covering up to a maximum of 50% of the annual tuition on a means-tested basis. This year, we are supporting 43 students on financial aid. This is more than ever before, thanks to generous donations to this fund.

Nido Faculty & Staff Awards
Established thanks to generous donations from faculty and staff of the school, these special financial aid awards were awarded for the first time this year to three exceptional students in financial need. The awards are given to students who are considered to be real ambassadors of the Nido Way.

You can find more information here

Alumni Scholarship Fund
Founded by the Class of 1992 to honor the memory of their classmate Julian Carcamo, this fund supports children of alumni in financial need. Contributions to this fund will ensure that alumni can send their own children to Nido, regardless of the financial situation. Thanks to this fund, this year eight alumni children are receiving financial aid.

Nido Arts Program

Here at Nido our students have access to a fantastic range of creative activities including art, music, drama, and dance. Each year, Nido puts on a range of musicals, plays, concerts and much more, all in our state-of-the-art theater. In order to ensure that students continue to enjoy the Nido arts program, we need your support to fund these productions and to invest in new musical instruments and art supplies.

Nido Athletics Program

Sports have always been an integral part of a Nido education; in fact Waldo Stevenson chose the school’s location because it would allow students’ education to take place both in the classroom and in the green hills surrounding us. At Nido, sports covers so much more than just PE class. Donations to our athletics program will enable us to invest in improvements to our facilities. This year, we hope to raise enough funds to purchase an electronic scoreboard for the soccer field.

Early Years School Playground

Donations to the Early Years School Playground will enable Nido to invest in outdoor equipment that provides sensory experiences and builds upon our children's learning in the classroom. This will include, for example, the addition of a climbing rope structure, wooden stump paths and seats, and to improve the tricycle area.

Elementary Furniture

Help us to further integrate the Nido Way of teaching and learning into our elementary school classrooms by changing to new flexible furniture. We are investing in tables with whiteboard tops that our children can write on and also used for presentations. In addition, the tables can be moved up and down allowing students to work in a variety of ways. This flexibility will stimulate our children’s learning, encouraging collaboration and creativity, and preparing them for an ever-changing world. The school has already put aside funds and started buying this new furniture for a few classrooms, but to change the furniture across the entire elementary school is a huge investment. By supporting this project you can ensure that the improvements benefit more students sooner.

Eco Center

Your support will enable us to build a new science and arts area drawing on ideas already submitted by our Middle School students. This outdoor space will provide our students with a safe, green zone in which to learn and enjoy nature.

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We greatly appreciate your support. Please contact if you have any questions.