The International School Nido de Aguilas



Welcome Message

Mr. Ken KuninDear SAAC Athletes and Coaches,

Welcome to Nido de Aguilas, home of the Eagles since 1934!  We are beyond excited to host SAAC Soccer 2023, bringing together over 180 student-athletes and coaches from our seven schools for three days of tough, fair competition.  Months in the planning, we thank our incredible athletic directors and coaches for putting together outstanding days of athletic contests. We thank our host families for opening your homes and hearts to our SAAC athletes from across South America. We thank our faculty, staff and students for all you have done and will do to make these days memorable for all. We thank our athletes and coaches who have prepared with purpose, will play with passion and who will personify our shared values of integrity and fairness. ¡Muchas gracias a todos!

By Saturday evening we will have dozens of hard fought contests. While some will go home with championships, all who come together will go home as champions. SAAC Soccer 2023 brings together student-athletes from seven outstanding international schools representing six countries with a combined population of over 330 million people. Together, our more than eight thousand students come from every continent except for Antarctica, though we probably even have alumni working at McMurdo Station. While at SAAC Soccer 2023 you’ll create memories and relationships that will last well beyond the final whistle. We come together as competitors. We leave as friends with connections across the globe to help us meet the future with courage, compassion and hope for a better tomorrow.

All the best,

Ken Kunin

Head of School