The International School Nido de Aguilas



Venue Information

Nido welcomes this year's SAAC participants to campus showcasing our new artificial turf field and facility. This premier field, where the championship games will be played, is known as our "Upper Field", marked at 92m x 61m.

Nido's "Lower Field" is natural grass in beautiful surrounding, marked at 92m x 59m.

Each field has designated warmup zones, without balls, for the home and away teams. Teams will have 5 minutes on the field for warmup with balls prior to each game. 

Participating students will share the Stevenson Hall, designated as a "cool out" and quiet zone for resting and recovering athletes. We ask that this room be kept clean, tidy, and with minimal disruption. Each team has a designated section and should be respectful of the other team zones. 

Lunch for SAAC athletes will be served on the cafeteria rooftop, from 11:30am-2:30pm. Athletes will need their lunch tickets for the buffet. 

The upper field has designated athlete/staff areas, well marked, including an ice-recovery tub zone that is accessible (if used correctly).

Nido's medical staff will be attentive to any injuries and will be present on both fields, along with an ambulance stationed outside the upper field in case of any emergency.

Upper Field

Lower Field