The International School Nido de Aguilas



Soccer Rules


Rule Book:  F.I.F.A. 


  • The tournament director will keep a precise record of all Yellow and Red card offenses. 

  • Yellow Cards (June 2023): Accumulating two yellow cards in the round robin will result in a one match suspension. All single yellow cards expire after the completion of the round robin and do not carry forward to the play-offs. (only if a player receives their 2nd yellow in the last round robin game they will still miss the next match). If a player picks up two yellows in a game, or a straight red card, they will obviously be sent off and will be suspended for the following match.

  • Red Cards: Any participant (Dec. 2022) penalized with a “red card” will be ejected from that game and also miss the next game, and will be ineligible for sportsmanship selection. No substitutes will be allowed for penalized players.  Note: The site directors must keep a tally of yellow/red cards received.

  • Ground Rules: The Tournament will be governed by ground rules as instituted by the host school.


Playing Time:

-30 minute halves 

-Half-times - 10 minute half-times

-5 minutes of warm up


  • Unlimited. 

  • Subs can only be made on your own possession during a stoppage of play.

  • Players must report to the official. At the official's discretion, substitutions may be waived off or delayed. Players may not switch positions with the goalkeeper while the ball is in play. Subs can be freely made at half time and when a goal has been scored.


The  roster limit for soccer is 16 boys and 16 girls (maximum). A minimum of 13 boys and 13 girls are needed to participate in SAAC sanctioned tournaments. 

 UNIFORMS and Equipment

  • Each player MUST wear protective shin guards.

  • Each player must wear a numbered shirt.

  • Players are not permitted to play with a hard cast even if it is wrapped in plastic or other materials.

  • Players should refrain from wearing jewelry, scarves, and hats.

  • No metal cleats are allowed

  • GAME BALL:  The host director will indicate to the visiting team in advance which ball would be used for the tournament. Practice balls can vary.  

  • Oceaunz Pro

  • GOALKEEPER: will be designated and will wear an off-color shirt to indicate his/her position. 



  • Same for Boys and Girls or Size of Fields agreed upon by Athletic Directors before Soccer Tournament.  

  • *Nido Upper Field = 92m x 61m (artificial turf)

  • *Nido Lower Field = 92m x 59m (natural grass)

If two playing fields are used for a tournament and one is of better quality, one gender will play on the field for the first day, and the other gender will play on the other day. The teams that will be playing in the semi/championship rounds will be assigned to the better field for the final day of competition. Consolation rounds will be played on the other field. If this is not followed for safety reasons, the SAAC athletic directors need to discuss and come to a consensus decision. (Dec. 2022)

The SAAC Lightning protocol will be used


The following classification system will be used in all round-robin or pool play games.

  • 3 points shall be awarded for a win

  • 1 point shall be awarded for a tie

  • No points shall be awarded for a loss

  • No penalty kicks in round robin.  Penalties only in Championship Round to determine advancement.


In a round robin or pool play games, ties will be broken in the following way in descending order of priority:

Two-Way Tie

  • 1. Head-to-head.

  • 2. Goals conceded with common opponents

  • 3. Goals scored with common opponents

  • 4. Goals conceded in Round Robin 

  • 5. Goals scored in Round Robin 

  • 6. Coin flip

Three-Way Tie

  • 1. Head to head: Points earned in games between the tied teams. 

  • 2. Goals conceded in games played between the 3 tied teams

  • 3. Goals scored in games played between between the 3 tied teams Goals conceded with common opponents 

  • 4. Goals scored with common opponents 

  • 5. Goals conceded in Round Robin  

  • 6. Goals scored in Round Robin 

  • ** When 3-way tie is reduced to 2 teams, tie-breaker reverts to Two-Way tie breaker rules.

*If the tied teams have not all played each other in round robin, then:

  • 1. Goals conceded between common opponent(s) 

  • 2. Goals scored between common component(s) 

  • 3. Goals conceded in Round Robin

  • 4. Goals scored in Round Robin 

  • 5. Coin flip

** When 3-way tie is reduced to 2 teams, tie-breaker reverts to Two-Way tie breaker rules. (Dec. 2022)

Penalty Shoot-out

All semifinals, placement, and championship games that finish in a tie between the teams will be broken by a penalty shoot-out.

Penalties will be taken in the following way:

  • Only players on the field at the end of the game are eligible for the penalty shoot out 

  • From the eleven players, the team nominates five penalty takers.

  • A toss of the coin will decide the option to take the first penalty. Penalties will be taken alternately. Each side must take a minimum of five penalties. If the scores are even at the end of the five penalties, the score must be noted and a ‘sudden death’ penalty shoot-out will begin. Only players not used in the original five penalties can be used from the eleven declared at the beginning of the shootout. This continues until one team wins on an equal number of shots. 


The total number and source of officials is to be determined by the host school. Whenever possible, the host school should utilize host country international sporting organizations to officiate tournaments.  Four officials should be used for each game.