The International School Nido de Aguilas

Athletics at Nido

The physical education and athletics program is an engaging, sequential program that provides students with the opportunity to construct the knowledge and skills necessary to participate with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities and to make informed decisions that promote healthy development of the whole person.

Students in our program benefit from learning in a safe, supportive and student-centered environment in which coaches and teachers facilitate risk-taking and fun through health and fitness. Student-athletes develop problem-solving, decision-making, and leadership skills, along with a sense of sportsmanship and fair play while working cooperatively with others.

All students at Nido participate in physical education classes from the early childhood years through high school. The formal athletics program begins in Middle School and continues with our junior varsity and varsity teams in High School. Students in Elementary School can participate in extra-curricular sports through the After-School Activities program.

Nido's athletics program promotes seasonal sports training and competition and encourages students to play a different sport each season. Evidence shows that multi-sports athletes who alternate sports throughout the course of the year suffer fewer injuries and are more likely to maintain healthy lifestyles as adults, while being just as successful in their athletic careers as athletes who play a single sport throughout the year.

The development of a healthy lifestyle should be a fundamental concern and focus for all individuals in our modern society. The student who is sound in body and mind is better prepared to adapt to the physical and socio-emotional demands inherent in an ever-changing global community. We look forward to seeing you soon at a practice or game!


The mission of the Nido Athletics program is to promote well-rounded, multi-sport student-athletes that, while proudly wearing their Nido uniform in athletic competitions, develop complementary skills and capabilities through their participation, enjoyment, and education.

The Nido Athletics program aims to provide a variety of experiences to assist in developing favorable habits and attitudes in students, better preparing them for adult life in society. Nido student-athletes will learn the values of teamwork, hard work, and discipline, while instilling lifelong skills that allow them to be productive world citizens.


Our Facilities


Nido de Aguilas has a variety of outstanding sports and training facilities. We have a double-size gymnasium with a dance room, a weight training room, a Functional Fitness Mini Gym, and two outdoors multi-purpose auxiliary courts. There are two sports fields, an all-weather track, four tennis courts, and a world-class Aquatics Center with two pools. The EYS and Elementary School students have a physical education room and a mini-gymnasium, plus two large turf fields and three large playgrounds with developmentally appropriate play structures. The rolling hills of Nido's campus make excellent training routes for jogging and running in PE classes and in after school athletics programs. Nido's health services unit supports students using our athletics facilities.