The International School Nido de Aguilas

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Athletics at Nido

Students in our program benefit from learning in a safe, supportive and student-centered environment in which coaches and teachers extend learning and aim to nurture the Nido values and learner traits that are connected to the school’s broader mission. Student-athletes develop leadership skills and a sense of sportsmanship and fair play while working cooperatively with others.

Nido's athletics program promotes seasonal sports training and competition and encourages students to play a different sport each season. Evidence shows that multi-sports athletes who alternate sports throughout the course of the year suffer fewer injuries and are more likely to maintain healthy lifestyles as adults, while being just as successful in their athletic careers as athletes who play a single sport throughout the year. Read more here.

The development of a healthy lifestyle should be a fundamental concern and focus for all individuals in our modern society. The student who is sound in body and mind is better prepared to adapt to the physical and socio-emotional demands inherent in an ever-changing global community.

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