The International School Nido de Aguilas

MS & HS After School Aquatics

The Middle School and High School Eagle Rays is a competitive program. Students build their skills and techniques to compete at top levels. Students and coaches share and grow their passion and commitment to these sports. Our goal is to create life-long athletes with exemplary sportsmanship.

The Senior Eagle Rays Swim Club is a competitive program for Middle School and High School students. Swimmers participate in national and international interscholastic tournaments. Although this is a competitive program, our swimmers are taught to value teamwork, sportsmanship, and passion for the sport.

Synchronized Swimming

Great news for all the girls who want to do an aquatics sport, this year we will have Synchronized Swimming for MS.

This is the sport for all those who love music, teamwork, and being in the water!

It is a unique and challenging combination of swimming, gymnastics, and dance teams that swim choreographed performances to music.

The Senior Water Polo class continues to build water polo skills. It will focus on deeper aspects and concepts of the game. Students will build their techniques for this sport, and they will foster a bigger love and commitment to this sport and their teammates. The goal is to maintain a positive atmosphere that will enhance students desire to learn, play, and compete at top levels.