The International School Nido de Aguilas

ES After School Aquatics

The Aquatics Center offers three different After School Activities for Elementary School students. These programs help build swimming skills and team spirit. Our most important goal is that students have fun and enjoy these beautiful sports.

The Junior Eagle Rays Swim Club is a developmental program for Elementary School students. Swimmers will work on their swimming skills and technique while developing passion for the sport, team spirit, and commitment.

The Junior Water Polo class provides beginning water polo skills. It emphasizes the fun and dynamic aspects of the game in a easy to learn format, and focuses on simulating a positive environment that will motivate kids to learn to swim and work together as a team.

Through introducing and developing these beginning water polo skills, students learn to have fun playing this sport while maintaining a safe pool environment.

Synchronized Swimming

This is the sport for all those who love music, teamwork, and being in the water!

It is a unique and challenging combination of swimming, gymnastics, and dance teams that swim choreographed performances to music.