The International School Nido de Aguilas

Arts at Nido

Nido de Aguilas' Fine & Performing Arts Academy helps each individual student cultivate his or her talents and passions, allowing students to confidently express themselves through performance and creation. Students at the Fine & Performing Arts Academy gain artistic skills, a sense of aesthetics, and a collaborative spirit, so as to become engaged, imaginative, and contributing global citizens.

Nido's Fine Arts Academy programs include Dance, Music, Sound & Stage Engineering, Theater, and Visual Arts. Students in the Elementary School take Music and Visual Arts classes throughout the year with specialist faculty, and drama is included into selected elements of the core curriculum. The Middle School Encore Program includes courses in Music, Theater, Stage Production & Design, and Visual Arts. The High School offers semester-length and year-long courses in all areas of the arts.

Program Objectives


We promote a shared vision within and across disciplines, valuing the perspectives and strengths that each individual brings to the environment. We include parents, community, and local resources to deepen the student experience at Nido. It is through collaboration that students understand that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.


Through reflection on the creative process, students learn to assess their own artistic development and to articulate opinions. We believe that this personal reflection opens students up to the constructive criticism that is essential for growth. Out of this critical thinking, creative solutions emerge, fostering an awareness of possibilities and a refined artistic expression.


Through creation of visual works of art, theater productions, dance, and music, students learn to express themselves and to communicate with others. Our artists learn that small changes in expression can result in major changes in human communication. We believe that artistic skills and knowledge liberate the student, so that they can experience freedom of personal expression and exploration of the self.

Aesthetic Appreciation

Through studying the arts, we refine our tastes, recognizing the timeless aesthetics of art and its effect on the human condition. In attempting to define beauty, we learn that our insight is not limited by language.


We recognize the courage necessary for creativity in performance and self–revelation in exhibition. We therefore believe in the importance of an environment in which students feel comfortable taking risks and pursuing ideas. Having high expectations and high engagement among students and faculty creates a culture of ambition and the possibility of true excellence.


We live in a complicated world, and through study of the arts at the Academy, students learn that many problems have more than one solution. Imagination allows students to free themselves of expected or obvious solutions, so that they may wonder, question, and innovate.


We believe that learning in the arts demands the ability to surrender to the surprises that reveal themselves as work unfolds. Nowhere in the arts is there a prescribed outcome; thus, through self-assessment and the limitations of the medium, students learn flexibility, resourcefulness, and willingness to alter course.


We believe it is necessary to engage students in such a way that they see that the arts are significant and necessary to a full life, improving and strengthening communities. Lifelong participation in the arts, whether as a profession or as personal enjoyment, can provide enduring intellectual and emotional fulfillment.