The International School Nido de Aguilas

Nido celebrates the arts throughout every division, campus-wide, from April 24 - May 31. Arts in Action presents a month where Art, Drama, Music, and Dance take center stage.

Please check out the details on each event below—we hope you'll join us!

AiA Opening Ceremony: Tuesday, April 24 @ 5pm

AiA Opening Ceremony

Tuesday, April 24 - 5pm @ Theater (Open to public)

The Opening Ceremony offer students the chance to be involved in a big, exciting, multidisciplinary show. This hour-long show will include original, classical, and rock music, short drama and dance performances, and a closing song from La-La Land with a full band and dancers.

MS & HS Strings/Choir Concert: Thursday, May 3 @ 5pm

MS & HS Strings/Choir Concert

Thursday, May 3 - 5pm @ Arts Building Foyer (Open to public)

The MS and HS choir and string students will present a diverse program at the open space in the 2nd level of the Arts Building highlighting the beauty and sonorous colors from the choral and strings spectrum. You will hear the cueca rhythmic tempo of the combined performance of the Chilean folk song Rio Rio, a classic combined rendition of Moon River to the chilled bossa style of Jazz Kyrie and the tribal sound of Can you Hear combining classical and jazz roots just to name a few. The Nido Community Choir will also join forces with our combined choral numbers bringing our community together in one voice and one sound. A concert not to be missed!

Nido Palooza: Friday, May 4 @ 6pm

Nido Palooza

Friday, May 4 - 6pm @ Arts Building

Nido Palooza is an event designed to showcase the many artistic talents of our students. Even though the event may be centralized around music, there will also be a theme to inspire the students involved in the production of the event, especially in the decoration of the rooms. The entire evening is run by the students and for the students. From the decoration of each venue to the performers and sound, everything is student-driven with the support of the art department. Throughout the night, performances will be held in a variety of venues: a grand rock/pop venue, a jazz/classical stage, and an acoustic music lounge. All performance venues will be run at the same time, similar to what is seen in other well-known events.

IB I Music Recital: Tuesday, May 8 @ 5:30pm

IB I Music Recital

Tuesday, May 8 - 5:30pm @ Theater

IB Music 1 Music students will present a one hour selective program of their performance portfolio. Music selections will focus on student solo performances from early classical to late romantic time period progressing on to ethnic folk as well as acoustic and jazz solo excerpts. Come and enjoy an afternoon of music performances.

Arts Showdown: Thursday, May 10 @ 7pm

Arts Showdown

Thursday, May 10 - 7pm @ Arts Building Foyer (tickets required)

Nido's much anticipated Arts Showdown event for adults will be on Thursday, May 10 at 7pm in the Arts Building. There will be wine, hors d'oeuvres, and a vibrant atmosphere full of art, music, and fun. Art donated by the Nido community will be raffled off, and a silent auction featuring masterpieces by professional Chilean artists will run throughout the night.

Proceeds from the event will go towards enhancing the Arts program at Nido. Initiatives such as engaging with local artists to provide community workshops, lecture series, and critiques will take our Arts to a new level.

Theater Production: Tuesday, May 15 @ 5:30pm

Theater Production

Tuesday, May 15 - 5:30pm @ Theater

Theater Production class will present the play Punk Rock by Simon Stephens.

A grammar school in Stockport is about to receive Lilly Cahill, a new student. Upon her arrival the group dynamic changes and events unravel with an unexpected and devastating ending for some of the students.

*This play is suitable for High School students only.

MS/HS Concert Band Concert: Thursday, May 17 @ 5pm

MS/HS Concert Band Concert

Thursday, May 17 - 5pm @ Theater

Music from films 'The Polar Express', 'Star Trek', 'The Incredibles', 'Alice in Wonderland', 'Harry Potter' and The Beatles will feature in this semester's big Concert Band concert. Even more excitingly, we're going to be joined by The University of Chile Symphonic Band who will work with us during the day and share the concert with us. This is a must see event!

MS Drama Festival: Tuesday, May 22 @ 4:30pm

MS Drama Festival

Tuesday, May 22 - 4:30pm @ Theater

Grade 7 and 8 Drama students will present a selection of scenes from the comic to the dramatic. This is their final evaluation and promises to be a entertaining afternoon of theater.

Drama Fest: Thursday, May 24 @ 5:30pm

Drama Fest

Thursday, May 24th - 5:30pm @ Stevenson Hall

This event brings two classes together, Devising and Foundations of Theater. Students will be performing various scenes from plays or their own original creation.

Appropriate for HS audiences only.

Nido Night of Rock: Friday, May 25 @ 7pm

Nido Night of Rock

Friday, May 25: 7pm @ MPB

This year also sees the first ever 'Nido Night of Rock'. Bands from across the school will perform head banging, jump up and down, scream and shout rock classics including music by The Foofighters, Nirvana, Metallica, Green Day and much, much more. The mosh pit will be the MPB and it's sure to be a high energy, rockin' night.

Latin American AMIS Middle School Honor Mixed Choir (AMIS - Association for Music of International Schools): May 24-26


May 24-26 @ Arts Building

For more than twenty years, AMIS has presented over 60 honor choir festivals for middle school students in international schools throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Due to demand from our participants on the South American continent, AMIS will be coming to the Americas for the first time in May 2018 to the International School Nido de Aguilas. You will hear a wonderful spectrum of repertoire from our young middle school voices who have all been auditioned to represent their schools in this middle school honor choir festival. AMIS is proud to bring our guest conductor this year who will be Mrs Darlene Elkins, who has received numerous vocal honors including singing at the White House, Metropolitan Opera and with Boston Conservatory Master Classes. The festival will commence on Thursday 24 May from to Saturday 26th May 8:00am-5.00pm. The Nido Community and the public are invited to the spectacular Gala Concert on Saturday 26th May 7.00pm right here at our Nido Theatre. A concert you do not want to miss!

Beauty and the Beast: Wednesday, May 30 @ 4:30pm

Beauty and the Beast

Thursday, May 24th -5:30pm @ Theater

Wednesday, May 30th - 4:30pm @ Theater

Beauty and the Beast is a musical that was written by Linda Woolverton and was composed by Alan Merken. Beauty and the Beast tells the age-old tale of a conceited prince who has been magically transformed into a beast as a punishment for his behavior. To be able to turn himself and his service staff, who were turned in to objects, back to human form, the Beast must earn a true love's kiss from a woman he has imprisoned in his castle before all of the petals of a rose fall.

Appropriate for K1 to HS audiences