The International School Nido de Aguilas

Nido celebrates the arts throughout every division, campus-wide, from April 24 - May 31. Arts in Action presents a month where Art, Drama, Music, and Dance take center stage.

Please check out the details on each event below—we hope you'll join us!

Nido Palooza: Thursday, April 24 @ 6pm

Nido Palooza

Thursday, April 24 - 6pm @ Arts Building

Nidopalooza is a music event that reunites singers, bands, classical and jazz musicians, all performing at the same time in three different venues. From chill acoustic songs to upbeat rock, this event is the chance to enjoy different music genres in a fun setting in the arts building.

AiA Opening Ceremony: Monday, April 29 @ 5pm

AiA Opening Ceremony

Monday, April 29 - 5pm @ Theater (Open to public)

This high energy show highlights the artistic
achievements of Nido students across the school in
Drama, Dance, Art and Music.

"Endgame" IB Theater: Thursday, May 2 @ 5:30pm & 7:00pm

Endgame IB Theater

Thursday, May 2 - 5:30pm & 7:00pm @ Black Box

IB Theater Year 1 students present Beckett's play. Endgame is Samuel Beckett's second published play. The plot is continuous, unbroken by separate scenes or acts. Four characters develop contradictory relationships in a post-nuclear environment.

HS Rock Band Concert: Friday, May 3 @ 6pm

HS Rock Band Concert

Friday, May 3  - 6pm @ FA103

The HS Rock Band is proud to present a concert that highlights the members' favorite rock songs of all time. For most of the club (seniors), this will be their last big gig, and they'd love to share with the Nido community.

Concert, Strings and IB Music 1 Concert: Monday, May 6 @ 4:30pm

Concert, Strings and IB Music 1 Concert

Monday, May 6 - 4:30pm @ Black Box

Wonderful concert celebrating "MULTICULTURAL MUSIC" from around the world from MS/HS choir/strings & IB Music Juniors.

Wizard of Oz: Thursday, May 9 @ 6pm

Elementary School Presents: Wizard of Oz

Thursday, May 9 - 6pm @ Theater

Join us in this wonderful journey to the land of OZ, over 50 actors on stage, 30 crew members and more than 30 painters give life to the this classic musical. There will be three amazing shows for the Elementary School, external schools, and the Nido community. The Nido community is encouraged to attend the show on Thursday, May 9 at 6pm.

Drama Showcase: Tuesday, May 14 @ 4pm

Drama Showcase

Tuesday, May 14 - 4pm @ Theater

On Tuesday, May 14th the Grade 7 & 8 Drama students will present their final Drama Showcase in the Nido Theatre. They will be presenting a mix of scenes both comic and dramatic and also some monologues. This performance  will include a range of genres from Diane Samuel's "Kinderstransport" to the comical "Miss Nelson is Missing". 

Nido Musician of the Year: Tuesday, May 14 @ 5pm

Nido Musician of the Year

Tuesday, May 14 - 5pm @ FA102

This event aims to give Nido students a solo music performance goal and celebrate their achievements so far. It will also enable us to identify our top performers and composers.

Arts Showdown: Thursday, May 16 @ 7pm

Arts Showdown

Thursday, May 16 - 7pm @ Arts Foyer

Come and join in the fun and excitement at this year's Arts Showdown, where you can grab yourself a fine piece of art from the silent auction or beat your way across the foyer to nab your favorite art piece in the Smash 'n Grab raffle. There is something for everyone! Our talented Tri-M music students will assist us in setting the scene with their fabulous sounds.

Adults only. Tickets required.

HS/MS Concert Band Concert: Monday, May 20 @ 5pm

HS/MS Concert Band Concert

Monday, May 20 - 5pm @ Theater

The thundering sounds of Nido's concert bands will once again reverberate around the theatre with another hard-hitting celebration of concert band repertoire. The concert will also feature some original compositions.

Drama Fest: Thursday, May 23 @ 5:30pm

Drama Fest

Thursday, May 23 - 5:30pm @ Theater

EYS "Mini Concerti" Project: May 27-29

EYS "Mini Concerti" Project

May 27 to 29 @ EYS Classrooms

"Mini Concerti" project, it is a series of short performances by middle school students for students in the EYS.   Students will be sharing music with the youngest Nido students and introducing them to the beautiful world of sound or, in other words, to the international instrumental music language. I think everyone know how important is music education is at school.  Active listening and playing any musical instrument has great benefits for a child’s brain. Albert Einstein played his violin all his life.  

Grease: Wednesday, May 29 (6:30pm) & Thursday, May 30 (5:30pm)


Wednesday, May 29th - 6:30pm @ Theater

Thursday, May 30th - 5:30pm @ Theater



Solo, Choral and Chamber Music: Friday, May 31 @ 4pm

Solo, Choral and Chamber Music

Friday, May 31 - 4pm @ Black Box

Musical celebration of solo, chamber, choral and strings music presented by MS/HS students.