The International School Nido de Aguilas

Academy Building

Nido has a sophisticated Fine Arts Academy building, with specially equipped teaching, practice, and performance spaces in a three-level facility, connected to a state-of-the-art 750-seat theater. Every Elementary, Middle, and High School arts student has the opportunity to perform and present in concerts, plays, and exhibitions in this venue. Nido hosts a variety of music recitals, concerts, theater productions, visual arts exhibitions, and dance performances during the school year, and these are open to Nido family and friends and often to the local community.

Students in the Stage Production & Design and Sound & Stage Engineering courses have a particularly special opportunity to learn first-hand how a facility of this size and sophistication operates. All Middle School students may choose Sound & Stage Production as an Encore course throughout the year. Students are trained in different audio softwares and sound production. In High School, students may choose to study Sound & Stage Engineering focused on technicalities and production for audiovisual and/or live performances. For Grades 9-12, we offer year-long Sound & Stage Engineering courses at Levels 1 & 2.