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Tuition Fees & Affordability

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The Best Investment 

As a non-profit school, we spend almost 85 percent of all tuition on finding and retaining the best teachers in the world. By investing in our staff members we create a culture that can offer our students the space and support they need to develop fully their personalities, values, and passions.

All students that enroll at Nido must pay the Incorporation Fee, Annual Registration Fee and Tuition Fee:

  • Incorporation Fee: charged once per lifetime for each student at the time of enrollment. Students entering before grade 1 can pay the incorporation fee in installments; the fee must be paid in full by the time the student starts Grade 1.  

  • Annual Registration Fee: paid once per school year for every student, upon re-enrollment for returning students and upon enrollment for new students. 

  • Annual Tuition Fee: can be paid annually, bi-annually or in ten equal month payments. There is a differentiated fee for students in the Early Years School (PK & K1).

For information on the current school year fees, please email

Included in the annual tuition fee: EYS & ES school supplies, life insurance, accident insurance and some optional After-School Activities. 

Not included in the annual tuition fee: Student Support Services, week without walls, IB Program, Transportation, Cafeteria, and others. 

Affording Nido


At Nido, we do not want tuition to get in the way of your child's education. There are multiple options the School provides to make your family's Nido education possible. We aim to support families that share Nido's values and appreciate its pedagogical approach but are unable to cover the entire cost of the tuition.

Tuition Assistance is need-based, and, if awarded, the family is given an offer for a discount on tuition and/or for the incorporation fee. Families that are new to Nido must go through the application for tuition assistance simultaneously with the admissions application process. 

How to apply

Support is provided to families with financial need on an annual basis. Current families complete the application process in November prior to the new School year (starting in August). Families that are new to Nido must go through the assistance application simultaneously with the admissions application process. In order to apply, families need to complete an application form and send the requested documents (which include but are not limited to job contract, payslips, bank statements, investment and debt certificates). The process also includes a personal interview and home visit.

Families must re-apply annually to determine if their situation has changed and verify that eligibility and review criteria indicated above continue to be met by the student.

The application process for the 2024-2025 opens in November 2023. Applications for Current Nido Families are due no later than January 15, 2024, and applications for families applying to Nido for the first time are due no later than March 15, 2024. New families go through the admissions and financial aid process simultaneously. To apply contact:


Emergency Assistance

Nido has an emergency tuition assistance program, available year-round, and applicable in the case of employment loss and/or illness. Emergency assistance accounts for no more than 30% of the full tuition cost.

For more information, contact:

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