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Financial Aid

The Nido Financial Aid program aims to make a Nido education accessible for families that share Nido's values and appreciate its pedagogical approach but are unable to cover the entire cost of the tuition. The program is need-based, and, if awarded financial aid, the family is given an offer for a discount on tuition and/or for the incorporation fee. Families that are new to Nido must go through the financial aid application simultaneously with the admissions application process. Once an award is made, families will be asked to resubmit their documentation and application form annually to determine if their situation has changed and verify that eligibility and review criteria indicated above continue to be met by the student.


Eligibility & Review Criteria

Any current or prospective family may apply for financial aid. The award of financial aid is determined based on financial need and merit and includes the following criteria:

  1. Financial need
  2. Academic achievement and potential of the applicant
  3. Special talents of the applicant (e.g.,arts, sports, or academics)
  4. Availability of financial aid funding

The following restrictions and preferences are applied to the review of financial aid applications:

  1. Students in an admissions priority category will also have priority in the financial aid program.
  2. Preference is given to students entering grades 6-12 with special preference for grades 9-12.
  3. Preference is given to applications for grades that are not at full enrollment in the year of application.
  4. The maximum discount on tuition is 50%, except in exceptional circumstances.
  5. The incorporation fee can also be considered in the financial aid award and a discount may be granted, either in conjunction with a discounted tuition or as the only form of financial aid. All families, must pay a minimum of 50 UF of the incorporation fee, payable in installments.
  6. Other costs for additional services, that are optional and charged separately, but part of the Nido program, shall be considered in the financial aid award and a percentage discount may be included in the award. This would include, but is not limited to, programs such as Week without Walls, field trips, and required technology devices.

Application Process

Applications for the 2021-2022 school year was announced in November 2020. The deadline for applications from current Nido families is January 15, 2021. The deadline for applications from families that are new to Nido is March 15, 2021. Families will receive decisions on financial aid awards granted mid April, 2021. 

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