The International School Nido de Aguilas

Families considering Nido with children in grades 6-12 who have limited exposure to English are invited to participate in the English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) Program.

Historically, Nido did not provide services for students with beginning or low-intermediate levels of English after 6th grade. Developed in 2016, these new Middle and High School programs provide the support our new students need to be successful at Nido. There is an additional fee for these programs.

The ESL Beginner class in the Middle School provides students with intensive instruction to accelerate their English acquisition so that students can more quickly access Nido’s English-based curriculum. Classes are taught during two regular class blocks with a low teacher to student ratio (a maximum of six students per class) and cover a modified Language Arts and Social Studies curriculum. The ESL teacher collaborates with the students’ other teachers to adjust their other courses as needed and push in to some of the other core classes to provide additional support.

In the High School, the English I - Intermediate Accelerated ESL and English II - Advanced Accelerated ESL classes are taught during regular class blocks in small groups. Students earn High School English credits for these classes. Students receive individualized support both during class and throughout the day, as the ESL teacher also collaborates with other teachers to provide push in support during other core classes.

In order to participate in either program, students must first pass the admissions requirements for academic achievement and show aptitude for rapid language acquisition. In High School, students must also pass the minimum English requirement. If necessary, Nido may recommend that students seek additional support outside of the school day to build upon their progress in classes.

Please contact our Admissions Office to learn more about how your child can succeed at an English-language school.