The International School Nido de Aguilas

Admissions Vacancies



Nido has the following new vacancies for the July 2021 admissions process.

PreKinder K1 K2
45 30 42

During the year, Nido has limited vacancies in grades 1-12, which change frequently. Please inquire with the admissions office,, for more information.

Please note that we do have limited vacancies for the very beginning levels of English language learners in grades 1-6. Please advise the admissions office if your child is just beginning to learn English.


Class Capacity

Nido strives to maintain small class sizes to provide the best educational experience for our students.

  • In our Early Years School, our Pre-Kindergarten has three classrooms of up to 15 students for a total of 45 students, Kinder 1 has five classrooms of up to 18 students for a total of 90 students. All classrooms in this division have a full-time assistant teacher who works with the lead teacher.
  • In our Elementary School (Grades Kinder 2 through 5), each grade has five to six classrooms with an average of 22 students. All Kinder 2, Grade 1 and 2 classrooms have a full-time assistant teacher who works with the lead teacher.
  • In Middle School and High School (Grades 6-12), Nido has a capacity of 132 students per grade. In these divisions, it is important to note that class size varies by subject, with a maximum of 22 in any class.

Nido Guaranteed Placement Program

The International School Nido de Aguilas recognizes that there is an international practice in some schools by means of which companies and embassies, and in some cases natural persons, may ensure the availability of placement for the children of their officials and executives, or for their own children, provided that they are first given an offer of admission. Nido extends this option as a result of the school’s international nature in situations where there may be a waitlist for certain grades.

Companies or individuals, who wish to offer one or more qualified applicants a guaranteed placement for the next regular admissions cycle (for first or second semester), have the option to become subscribers in the Nido Guaranteed Placement Program. This program has a limited number of seats available.

The deadline to apply for the Nido Guaranteed Placement Program for entry in July 2021 is March 15, 2021 and the deadline for entry in February 2022 is November 15, 2021. The deadline for entry in February 2021 was in November 2020. If you would like more information, please contact the Admissions Office at