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Admissions Process


The Admissions Office arranges tours of our school on an on-going basis throughout the year. If you are in Santiago or are visiting, we invite you to contact us in advance to make an appointment for a tour. Seeing our school in action is the best way to understand what makes a Nido education so special!

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Admissions Officer

Andrea Benasus

Admissions Officer

Melissa Stenger

Admissions Associate

Daniela Tolosa


Telephone: (56-2) 2339-8120

Application Process:

  1. Contact us. If you are interested in receiving information from Nido, fill out the inquiry form
  2. Complete the application. Complete the application form through the online system and upload the documents requested. It is critical that you complete this stage before any admissions deadlines in order to be considered in the corresponding admissions cycle.
  3. Pay the Application Fee. The Application Fee is CLP 140.000 (or USD 200) and can be paid online in CLP. The fee must be paid for your application to be considered. This non-refundable fee covers the administrative costs of the application process.
  4. For students applying for grades 2-12, the Admissions Committee will review the file once it is complete and determine if an admissions evaluation is required.
  5. Make an appointment for admissions evaluation, if required. Deliver documents that are required in the original. Students applying to grades PK-2 are required to be given our admissions evaluation assessment in person. Students applying to grades 3-12 may or may not be required to take the evaluation.
  6. Once the admissions evaluation is complete, the Admissions Committee will review the completed application and make an admissions decision.
  7. The Admissions Office will communicate the decision to the family by email. Decisions during a regular admissions cycle will be communicated by the published date for notification. Decisions for rolling admissions will be communicated within 10 business days after the testing is completed (during the months of February through November). Nido does not provide written reports of the admission decision. 

Documents Required:

The following documents are required for your child’s application process and must be uploaded in our online application system. Note: all documents must be translated into either English or Spanish, if not already in one of those languages.