The International School Nido de Aguilas

Admissions Criteria

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The International School Nido de Aguilas invites all interested students to apply for admission to our school, regardless of gender, race, religion, creed, or national origin. Nido considers all applications for enrollment carefully to ensure a good fit for our program and the student. Admission is granted based on the student’s demonstrated readiness for our academic program and alignment with our educational project. In order to create an optimal educational experience for all of our students, Nido’s admissions policies strive to achieve a balance in the gender, English language composition, and cultural diversity of our student population.

During the first stage of the application process, the Admissions Committee evaluates in detail multiple aspects, including previous school grades, confidential recommendations and standardized assessment results. Applicants that meet the inital requirements proceed to a second stage that considers student interviews, performance on admissions tests, and any other information. Specific admissions criteria by division is detailed below. Decisions are made by our Admissions Committee.

The purpose of this review is to determine if the applicant meets the academic and personal development criteria. For academic criteria, the committee considers school performance, language skills and mathematical knowledge, among others. Regarding personal development criteria, the committee considers attendance, conduct, social-emotional development, study and organizational skills, as well as any other information gathered during the application stage

Priority categories, listed in no particular order, include US citizens or children of US citizens, siblings of Nido students, children of Nido alumni or children of faculty and staff. Within these categories, preference is given to students who are proficient in English. 

Nido currently has limited capacity to support students with learning differences. Nido does not provide academic and curriculum modifications. Click to learn more about our student support services. If your child has learning support needs, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with the Admissions Office.

This policy was drafted by the Admissions office in collaboration with the Principals, Counselors, and Director of Student Support Services, and is reviewed annually in April.

Age Requirements:

  • Pre-Kinder: three years of age by August 31 of the year they start at Nido
  • Kinder 1: four years of age by August 31 of the year they start at Nido
  • Kinder 2: five years of age by August 31 of the year they start at Nido
  • Grade 1: six years of age by August 31 of the year they start at Nido
  • Grades 2-12: Students are evaluated according to their age and academic level to determine placement. Applying students need to fall within the mean age range of the grade they are applying to. The range between the youngest and the oldest cannot exceed two years.
  • Nido has a rolling admissions process; it is the School's discretion for EYS-MS students to start classes in the 4th quarter of the school year.
  • Students applying to High School must have finished the previous semester in their previous school and start at Nido at the beginning of the semester. If your student will not have completed the previous semester, or if your family will be arriving after the first day of classes in the semester, please contact the admissions office to discuss this further.