The International School Nido de Aguilas

Technology & Innovation

At Nido de Aguilas, technology supports learning and the curriculum at all levels. In keeping with our mission and values, we challenge our students to strive for ingenuity in their thinking and to be engaged in their learning. Design thinking, innovation, project-based and inquiry-based learning, experiential education – at Nido we bring these concepts alive through technology and design-focused facilities that encourage our students to question, experiment, and create solutions to real problems and challenges they see in the world around them. By making learning meaningful and consequential, not only do we encourage curiosity and a love of discovery and hard work, we guide our students in their journeys to becoming thoughtful stewards of the resources entrusted to them and active, positive citizens who seek to make a difference in the world.

Early Years School/Elementary School

In the Early Years School, teachers use iPads to enhance project-based learning. K2 students have SMART Boards in their classrooms and have access to certain parts of the new EYS/ES MakerLab. Besides having these same classroom features, as well as using the MakerSpace on a regular basis, students in the Elementary School are part of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) program that engages students in designing, creating, and innovating in a rapidly changing world. Students learn digital literacy and digital citizenship skills so that they are comfortable not only using technology easily and correctly but also using it in a responsible manner. Besides basic user skills, they also learn more specialized techniques such as simple coding and remote group co-authoring, which is integrated into their regular curriculum.

Middle School/High School

We emphasize authentic projects that require real-life applications of technology. Students learn that technology is an invaluable tool for their learning, research, presentation, calculation, and analytical needs. Classrooms have SMART Boards and Apple TVs for delivering supplementary course content, the staff at the Learning Commons teach students how to use Nido's extensive online research resources, and students use the MS/HS MakerLab for course content involving design thinking. Both curricula continue the school-wide, inquiry-based, and solution-focused learning model that fosters the creative, inventive, and engaged thinking we want for each of our students.

The MS believes in an integrated model for technology, where technology is utilized by all content teachers to help reach curricular goals. Students learn to navigate Power School and Haiku, Nido's Learning Management System, and Google Drive. These platforms are meant to help students remain organized as they strive to meet the expectations of multiple classes. Staff at the Learning Commons work with teachers to help students grow in their research and writing skills through with the aid of Nido's extensive online and on campus research tools. The MS also offers stand-alone technology courses, including Beginning & Advanced Robotics, Computer Coding, and Design Technology for Grade 7 and Grade 8 students, as well as an IT course for Grade 6 students. The MS has a one-to-one iPad program in Grades 7 and 8, multiple iPad and laptop carts, and a MakerLab that includes computer labs.

The High School uses a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, in which each student purchases his or her own MacBook for use at school and at home. Nido provides all required software, which gives students powerful research, analytical, co-authoring, and presentation tools, aiding them not only during their years at Nido but also contributing to the skill set on which they can draw at university and beyond. HS technology and innovation electives include digital video, programming, new product design and development, design technology, robotics, and yearbook design and publishing.